What to Do When an Employee Has a Health Issue at Work

Emergencies are not predictable. That’s their nature. They happen when least expected, and they wreck havoc on everything they come into contact with. If you’re the owner of a small business or you’re a manager, emergencies are your least favorite kind of surprise. They set you back, they lose you employees, they lose you time, and they lose you money.

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If you’re managing a small business and you have employees who are having health issues that either happen at work or interfere with work being able to get done, here are things you can do:

Encourage Time Off

Health issues arise when somebody is stressed. They also arise with no fair warning at all, but most of the time if an employee is always coming in sick, it’s either because their lifestyle isn’t healthy and is manifesting in their body, or there is major stress going on which is causing the body to react as well.

Neither is good for you or the employee. If you see that an employee is always sick, encourage them to take some time off. They might not want to and it might put a strain on their finances, but encourage them that getting their health in order is beneficial to everybody because the last thing everybody needs is for things to take a turn for the worse.

Have A Way to Get Council

Sometimes time off doesn’t do the trick and you’re liable to help your employee figure out their health issues. Healthcare is a messy thing to deal with, so you might not want to go the full time employee Obamacare route, but that doesn’t mean you can help in the health department.

Today you can get council with a doctor on medical issues right over video. There doesn’t need to be any lengthy or expensive emergency room visits. All you need is a phone and a signal and your employees health issues could be taken care of at the push of a button.

Have A System in Place

Other than people getting sick, there are other serious medical emergencies that happen in the office. God forbid somebody have a heart attack or something like it, but if this does happen, you need to have a system in place to get help to the person in need quickly. For this, you might want to have employees on watch, or have an emergency button anybody can push when something happens.

The person who is prepared to manage health issues is the person who will save a life. Do all you can to encourage healthy living and take the necessary precautions that allow you to be a first responder.


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