5 Proven Ways to Leverage The Power of Print Marketing

Although the days of the print industry appear to be in jeopardy at the hands of a digital age, the effectiveness and power of physical media is far from gone. While the continuing uprise of the online world has created a marketing platform larger than marketing strategies can keep up with, this country has shown the age of physical promotion isn’t in fear of being at an end.

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Billboards to brochures that draw the eye have been seen supporting businesses worldwide for decades, defining a company’s voice to connect with passers by and prospective buyers alike.

Appeal to your demographic

Considering where your promotions will be and who you are hoping to engage with is the first step toward success in print media. For example, summer festivals will call for a brighter, more colourful palette to draw the eye of excited festival-goers, as opposed to the more subdued design preferred in a business or educational environment.

Also, while the common belief is that online advertising has the greatest influence over consumer purchasing habits, research in the last few years suggests that physical media is still considering the most effective medium for marketing.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that print media can give your company the freedom to specify your marketing to those who will want your service in a way that appeals to them, while also having more chances to define yourself from the competition.

In other words, make sure you’re marketing to the right people.

Man reading newspaper

Get creative

(Almost) all exposure is good exposure, and the ability to move beyond online or purchasable mediums can give your marketing a fantastic boost of public interest. Great examples of this can be seen just by simply walking through the streets and walkways of Melbourne’s CBD.

While being a well-tried staple of DIY advertising over the years, print media extends to almost every surface you can find, with well tailored posters, artworks and marketing experiments implanting themselves in the public zeitgeist regardless of anyone’s individual media habits.

For those hoping to connect to a wider audience, or appeal to their market in a physical way, Printers in Melbourne are constantly working to put companies of all kinds in their best light.

Get Out There!

As stated earlier in this article, classic print media has not lost its power to influence and engage readers of any generation, and has still been proven to have more selling power than its online counterpart. This isn’t a surprising fact, taking into consideration overexposure of less-than competitive marketing the public are bombarded with daily on the web.

Print marketing allows you to stand out as a trustworthy and reliable brand, a way of connecting to readers that allows them to feel secure in the legitimacy of your service, so why not utilise it to it’s fullest?

Stickers, banners and posters are all fantastic ways to get your name out there, and by using as many platforms as you can to heighten brand awareness in an engaging and creative way, it will be difficult for the public not to take notice.

Play to Comfort

It may seem obvious, but making prospective customers comfortable with your brand is an important part of any marketing plan. Physical media has been shown to take away a perceived level of complexity that may turn off prospective buyers, especially those that are new to or uncertain of online media in its various forms. Audiences from all walks of life are on average more accepting of print media, and that is no small thing for gaining confidence in your company.

And Finally…

Stay Updated

Print is never staying in one place for too long, so why should your brand? Utilising the best tone or language of your specific print medium, whilst also remembering that what is best is always changing, assures the highest chance that those reading it will connect with your message. Using the same advertisement in every situation may become repetitive and not lead to you getting the best turnover that you could, as you haven’t tried to connect to those that you are trying to draw in.

In the end, the main thing you can do is not dismiss the power printed media still holds, as it continues to progress and impress through the proliferation of the digital age.


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