Business And Marketing: Local, National and Global Considerations

When it comes to a topic as broad as business and marketing, it’s smart to approach the topic from several perspectives in order to achieve the maximum potential for success. One set of decisions that you’ll have to make thoughtfully include the ideas of local, national, and global reach.

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Because the internet, through various online means, connects the entire world, your reach is essentially unrestricted. However, that doesn’t mean that just because you can get your message everywhere, it’ll be responded to in the same way by various audiences. So, during every phase of your branding process, consider global thoughts, national techniques, and local search methods. Beyond that, it’s good to tie everything together with a solid social presence, all the while making sure that you understand the competition at each level.

Global Thoughts and Concepts

It may be difficult for you to think globally about your marketing if you don’t have much experience in that field. That’s why there are a number of great companies out there that specialize in global marketing. These are companies with decades of experience in all of the major facets of worldwide communication, especially when it relates to technology. If there’s one aspect of branding you should be willing to outsource, it would be that one!

National Branding Techniques

In terms of national branding, the questions that you should be asking yourself are going to deal with your audience. If you’re based in the U.S., think about what a U.S. audience would expect, or at least respond to positively. When you move through this train of thought, not only will it help with your branding, it will also help you make sure that you’re focused enough to even know who your audience is, which is an error that many small and midsize companies make early in their business dealings.

Local Search Success

And then we come to the idea of the local audience. And this is perhaps where you’ll find the most success. With the mobile revolution in full swing right now, people rely more than ever on mobile devices to find the nearest place to them for certain services.

If you make sure that you use local SEO techniques in your branding process, you give yourself a huge advantage when it comes to local competition. You’ll find that your business even keeps up in the search engines with major corporations, because Google now takes location into account that much more than before.

Tie Everything Together With a Social Presence

Now that you’ve approached your business and marketing situation from these perspectives, the next step is to tie everything together with a solid social media presence. This is probably going to be a combination of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but with the potential to include things like Instagram and Snapchat as well, depending on what your industry is, and which demographic you plan on interacting with.

Understanding Your Competition

Throughout this entire process, make sure that you understand your competition at each level of the marketing period. You can have the best ideas in the world, but if they aren’t implemented in a relevant way, then you’ll struggle with the plateau of success without even knowing why.


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