Even The Smallest Home Businesses Need An Online Marketing Plan

Even if you are simply a crafter making natural skin care products, jewelry, or you are an artist painting watercolors, you still need to market your business if you want to sell the things you are creating. As a creative person, you’d probably love to do something your enjoy for a paycheck. And, it is possible, if you set up an online marketing plan.

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Yes, these types of items can sell great locally, whether you are selling them in a store as a consigner, or you are selling them at a local arts and crafts show. However, you can make more money making them available in more places, like around the world, simply by being online.

Using Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest ways to get your products and business name out there. For starters it lets you share your wares with friends and family. But as they share, more and more people are introduced to what you have to offer.

Post about new projects, share images of your products, and even share links to your sales pages and other social media sites, like Park West Gallery does on their LinkedIn page. Facebook and Twitter are great, but don’t forget about LinkedIn.

Blogging About Your Products And Services

Make sure that you have a blog. They are a great way to convert readers into buyers, especially if you finish each post off with a call to action, letting readers know the next step to fulfill whatever it was you told them about in your blog post.

Don’t make your posts all just shameless self promotions though. Tell people creative ways to use your products, or how they can create similar products from how. Use them to explain to them why your products are good for them, or why people need them in their homes.

Online Sales Channels

While you can sell directly from your own website, it can be an added bonus to use one of the many sale sites that are already out there. Different ones are great for different types of products.

If you are creating homemade items, Etsy is an excellent resource for sales. However, Amazon just started a sales platform for creatives as well. If you are selling books that you’ve published, Amazon is an excellent choice as well. If your business is selling new or used products, not of the homemade version, then you may want to try Ebay.

Perfecting Your Website

Whether or not you plan to sell directly from your website, you still need to have one. It’s the place where new customers can find out about you and what you offer. It’s also a place where current customers can go to keep up on what it is you have available, or what you have going on.

Have a calendar for events you’ll be selling at. Have a blog. And make sure you have an about page so that people can find out why you started creating and selling the products you work with.


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