Tips For Displaying Product in Your Store

In business, there isn’t a necessarily a right way to display product in your store. Every business sells different things and so it’s up to the entity to decide what is most effective for them as pertains to the product they’re selling and the motive they have. For instance, if you’re a display only type store who doesn’t have a lot of product on hand, there is no need to have a plethora of clothing racks in your store. Clothing racks would perfectly suit a store that is focusing on bulk retail in the way of fashion.

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Even though there is no one-size-fits-all for displaying product in store, there are basic ideas you should incorporate into your enterprise that will make everything feel a bit easier to manage.

Don’t Overstock

Although everybody admits to loving having options to choose from, it’s a proven scientific fact that when somebody is faced with too much choice, they become overwhelmed and often don’t end up choosing anything at all. There is a fine line to walk. You have a back room that is filled with product and as long as you have it, you want to get it out on the the floor so that you can start moving it, but this could work in the opposite way you want it to.

Instead, if you have a large backstock of options, try running your displays in cycles. Move everything out onto the floor that follows a specific theme and leave it there for a week or two. Once the week is over and customers have been able to pick through the lot, switch the display. You’ll feel like you’re not maximizing on your sales, but if you let people know you switch up product every week or so, they’ll come in more often to look at what you have, which is what you want, anyway.

Move Things Around Often

Along the same lines of rotating your product from the back of the house to the front, you’ll want to keep your displays looking different every week or so as well. People get bored if they walk into a store and everything looks the same. It’s as much a mind game as it is anything else. Even if the product is the same, if you switch up the layout of how things look, people will think that you have something new and they’ll commit to spending time browsing product in your store.

Hide Price Tags in Obvious Places

There is nothing more frustrating than looking at something you’re interested in buying but not being able to find the price of the item. This often leads people to just put down the product and not buy at all. At the same time, tags are unsightly to look at and mess with the overall appeal of your store on the eye. The best thing you can do is hide price tags in obvious places. Tuck them away, but make it so that the customer can easily find it to determine whether or not they want to buy.


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