3 Tips To Help You Actually Enjoy Your Next Business Trip

Business travel can be very stressful. From taking time away from your normal office routine to missing your friends and family back home, it can be hard for anyone to actually enjoy a business trip regardless of the destination. But with just a few little tweaks to your itinerary and your way of thinking, you can transform mundane corporate travel into something that breaks up the blandness of your everyday life and actually brings joy into your professional career.

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To help make that a reality for you, here are three tips to help you actually enjoy your next business trip.

Add In a Day of Fun

Not all business travel schedules will allow for an extra day or two on the company’s dime. But if you can swing it, Kevin Daum, a contributor to Inc.com, recommends spending an extra day to do something other than meeting with clients or attending a conference. Not only will this give you a little time to unwind, but Daum also shares that not flying over the weekend can save your business a lot of money.

While adding an extra day onto your trip will keep you away from home and the office a bit longer, spending that time relaxing at a spa or catching some sun at a local park could be very well worth it emotionally and financially.

Take In the Local Culture

It’s pretty rare for a business trip to take up all your time during the day. Generally, most traveling workers have at least a little bit of time each day where they have some time “off the clock.” When these hours present themselves, Lynze Wardle Lenio, a contributor to TheMuse.com, suggests taking in the local culture and experiencing something that no other city has to offer.

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You could ask some locals about a great place to eat, learn about the history of the area by taking a short guided tour, or even seek out the city’s claim to fame (like the world’s tallest horse statue). By taking in some of the culture of the area, it will help break up the feeling that consistent business traveler get of having every trip blur together.

Give Yourself Enough Time at the Airport

If you travel a lot for work, you’re probably tired of spending time in airports all over the place. However, not giving yourself adequate time at the airport can be a big factor in the amount of stress and anxiety you feel while traveling.

To minimize that, Denny Watkins, a contributor to MensHealth.com, recommends planning to spend a bit more time at the airport. This will give you the padding of time you need to feel in control of your travels and could also give you a chance to hit the airport’s massage tables or catch up on some emails or reading that you didn’t get to during your trip.


Business trips don’t have to be a few days of uncomfortable conversations and bad takeout. Use the tips mentioned above to break through the monotony of corporate travel and actually enjoy your next business trip.


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