Could a Podcast Benefit Your Small Business?

If you’re running a small business, you’ve probably read dozens (if not hundreds) of articles telling you what you should be doing with your digital marketing. PPC, SEO, responsive websites, videos, infographics, content generation… it’s easy to find a veritable laundry list of ideas all meant to increase your exposure to new potential clients, or to stay in touch with those you do reach.

Podcasting for business

All of those content items are developed for a purpose: converting visitors into clients. But topical articles are just one piece of the puzzle. Increasingly, potential clients are wooed not just by finding the product or service they’re looking for, but by being reached on a personal level. The trend of brands (even big brands) becoming more personal and interactive on social media and promoting heartfelt stories didn’t just develop out of thin air. Instead, it was a response to a growing segment of digital consumers who wanted to do business with a company they could relate to. A business which felt personal.

Telling the story of your small business is one of the most powerful opportunities you have to reach out to these customers. And while, yes, all of those other content opportunities can still get you in front of visitors, we’re going to recommend that you consider beginning a podcast for your small business. There’s almost no better way to tell the story of your business.

There’s absolutely no doubt that podcasts are gaining momentum. Approximately 20% of American teens and adults listen to at least one podcast on a monthly basis, and according to Pew Research Center Data, that number is only set to rise in coming years. If you work ahead of the curve, a well-executed podcast could benefit your business in the following ways.

Reaching Your Audience Differently

Unlike most text-based content, podcasts don’t require someone’s entire attention. Most people listen to podcasts while engaging in other activities, so you can reach them at times when they might not have the attention or time to read through your articles. A podcast also personalizes and humanizes your business in ways that most other mediums can’t.

Listening to business podcast in subway station

Improving Your SEO

A well-executed podcast can also improve your website’s SEO. Google and other search engines have been placing more and more attention on which sites provide value-added content, such as videos and high-quality graphics. A podcast can help pages fulfill this metric. But more than that, transcriptions of podcasts can help you double-down on the SEO value of a podcast by providing unique text content. This is a trick you should be using with videos as well. Using caption services or transcription services can be an easy, straightforward way to get more value from your value-added content.

Improving Brand Awareness

Most small businesses which begin podcasts begin with interviewing industry professionals and influencers. Not only is this an easy way to begin podcasting if you’ve never done it before, but typically if you do an interview of a professional… they’ll tell other people about it! This can provide a fantastic, immediate boost to your brand awareness. But that’s just the beginning.

Most podcasts can be easily submitted to podcast directories and syndicators like iTunes, which can help put your podcast (and perforce, your business) in front of new eyes. If you podcast regularly and diligently work to keep your podcast well-positioned with these directories, you can quickly reach a substantial new audience.

The Bottom Line

Could a podcast benefit your small business? Absolutely! Above, we’ve outlined just a few of the ways a podcast can help your business pull ahead, differentiate itself from competitors, and reach new customers. A great podcast can even help with SEO! But that’s the caveat: a great podcast. Just as with any other piece of content, you must take care to craft a unique, quality podcast which offers value to listeners.


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