Key Marketing Points For Small Business Physical Locations

With all the emphasis on digital marketing these days, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there’s also marketing to be done at your home base’s physical location as well, in the event that you have one. Whether it’s a small office, a suite in a strip mall, or a building of its own, make sure to use the fact that it exists in real space to your advantage.

Office lobby design

A few ways of doing this will be to assess the basic condition of your building, consider the experience of entering the lobby, remember that the initial human connection has a huge impact on folks, make your environment as easy as possible to get to, and make the bridge between a good physical experience and a good online critique simple.

The Basic Condition of Your Building

At the heart of your physical location marketing technique is going to be the physical condition of your building or office. If it’s a mess, because of natural degradation over time, or even because of a damaging event of some sort, take it upon yourself to get the building restored to the best condition possible. Spend the money to make yourself look good from the curb.

The Experience of Entering the Lobby

And what is the feeling that people will get when entering your lobby? Is it bright, clean, and inviting? Or are the lights flicker, with wallpaper peeling down, and the smell of old dog present? Marketing on this level is a sensory experience. Do everything that you can to give off the impression that you care about your products and your services, and people will put the effort into the added value of your brand.

The Human Connection

The biggest single difference between someone interacting with your digital presence and your physical location is that there is going to be at least one person at your home office that your clients can talk to face to face. This might be you. It could be your receptionist or another employee. But it’s incredibly important for marketing that this first impression be controlled, genuine, and inviting. All further opinions about your company will stem from this!

Ease and Convenience of Environment

If you have any degree of say in where your building is going to be, try and make it in a place that creates an easy environment for potential clients to find, get to, get into, park near, and all of those other details. Any frustration with those things can lead to a loss of respect or even interest in your products.

Making Physical To Digital Commentary Efficient

Once people do visit your place of business, find a subtle way to suggest that they write a digital review about it. There’s always ‘Yelp’, but many other services perform the same function. With a positive personal experience, and a positive digital experience, your marketing will get boosts from several different levels.


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