3 Tips for Marketing to Parents of Young Children

There’s a lot of money to be made in industries that gear their products or services toward young children and families. However, just because the main person using your products or services would be the child, your actual marketing is going to have to be focused on both parents and children if you want to find commercial success.

Woman and son at a supermarket eating fruits

Because this can be a challenge for companies and brands new to the industry, here are three tips that will help you better market to parents of young children.

Play Up Being Environmentally Aware

Modern parents are very concerned with not only how a product will work for their child, but also how using the product will affect the environment. Knowing this, Kathryn Hawkins, a contributor to Intuit Quickbooks, suggests really playing up any part of your product or service that proves that you’re environmentally aware. This could be that you use organic or all-natural materials, that you have sustainable practices, or that you have a positive impact on the planet in any other way. This could really go a long way toward convincing parents to use your products or services.

Recognize the Power of Mom

While both parents are important to market to when you’re selling products or services meant for a younger audience, it’s vital to your success that you understand how important Mom is to the purchasing power of the family.

According to Lauren Dell, a contributor to Mashable.com, moms make about 85 percent of the purchasing decisions for their families. This means that not only is Mom the gatekeeper for herself, but she’s the one you have to convince in order to have your products or services purchased for almost anyone else within the walls of her home.

With that kind of power, you can’t afford to forget about Mom in your marketing strategies.

Word of Mouth and Social Proof

With the amount of products available for young children and families with young children, two major deciding factors for purchases made by parents revolve around word of mouth and social proof. Lan N. Nguyen, a contributor to TheStreet.com, shares that if you’re able to get your product or service mentioned on a parenting blog or shared on the social platforms of a social parenting celeb, you’ve just won the marketing jackpot. To increase the chances of this happening for your business, consider building up these relationships by sending out free product or services to entice the spreading of word of mouth and social proof for your brand.


Parents just want to make the best decisions for their kids and to be able to give them products or services that will make them happy and encourage proper learning and development. If you want your brand or business to fall into this category for this market, use some of the tips mentioned above for your marketing strategies.


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