How To Use Technology When Marketing Your Business

Using technology when marketing your business offers huge benefits. It’s easy to stick within your comfort zone, but learning new ways to use technology in marketing your business will definitely prove to be beneficial. Follow these tips when using technology in marketing your business.

Using social media for marketing campaigns

Start using social media

Not only are the different social media platforms extremely popular in today’s culture, but they’re also free and offer a ton of great tools to help you connect with your customers. Use different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to reach your customers as well as learn more about them.

Research all the ways to utilize each social media platform, such as Twitter chats and Google Hangouts that you can join to conversate about your business, customers, and feedback. Try beginning a hashtag trend, starting a social media giveaway, or gaining a lot of attention by making your social media sites exciting and interesting to your viewers.

Incorporate all types of technology

Making sure that your website is mobile friendly is a great start to making your marketing efforts widespread and easily available. The development of new technology is never ending, so take your time to keep up with the latest tech gear, software, and trends in order to stay current with your audience.

Think outside the box. Oftentimes business owners stunt their own businesses growth by sticking with what’s working for their company currently. Try new products, discover new technology and communication tools, and begin to really dive into technology to learn what you’ve been missing all along.

Use technology to obtain feedback

According to, Technology, particularly the Internet, has given customers more power. Consumers are now able to quickly search for ratings on companies, comparisons, and reviews. This makes it very important for businesses to be on top of what type of information is being posted online about their company, products, and customer service.

Offering a feedback section along with a support section on all platforms is key. It’s much more likely for an angry, or displeased customer to leave a negative review than it is for a content customer to leave a mediocre or positive review. Make sure that you answer any complaints, offer solutions to dissatisfied customers, and improve products and services based on feedback as often as possible. Having a great rating online will lead to much more business than poor ratings or no ratings at all.


While keeping up with modern technology is time-consuming, it is definitely worth it in every aspect. As your business grows, consider hiring someone specifically designated to technological marketing; until then, do your research daily on how you can incorporate new technology into your marketing efforts and watch as your business reaps the benefits.


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