Tips For Protecting Your Small Business Online And Off

There has been a ton of focus put on protecting businesses online, and that is an important thing to do for both your business and the safety of your customers. You should also be making sure that your business has protection offline. Even if you work from home and your business is all virtual you still have things, like your computer itself, that need protection.

Protecting and securing digital business assets

Having A Secure Business Space

Having a secure business space is important, even if you run your business out of your own home. That means having security set up, and knowing what to do in case you do get robbed. A burglary that happens when you aren’t at home or at the office can strike just as much fear into you as a robbery when you’re there.

Make sure that you have a safety plan set in place. It also helps to invest in a good security system. If you work in a field where you might have a lot of valuables on hand you may want to take extra precautions for both your safety and the safety of your business.

Secure Online Atmosphere

Theft happens online as well, which is why virus and malware protection are both extremely important. You want your internet world just as safe as the real one. People can steal your identity, your money, and your livelihood online. Make it difficult for them to do so by using protection and even trying encryption software for emails and other online communications.

Make sure that you are also protecting the information given to you by your customers. Their information is in your hands because they trust you and breaking that trust will lose you money. Set up secure servers, and make sure stored credit cards and other info is safe.

Changing Codes And Passwords

Both online and off, you may need to change codes and passwords from time to time. The 60 to 90-day rules for changing passwords don’t always work the best, Keep an eye on your accounts and simply change passwords when there is an employee changeover or when you believe your accounts or business may have been hacked.

The same goes with the security code for your office or business space. Change them when you have a change in employees, for your protection and the safety of your customers’ information. Even if your employee left on good terms and you don’t think they would ever do anything illegal, it’s still a safe and wise thing to do.

When it comes to protecting your business, always remember that there is always more at stake than your own information. Your clients rely on you, so keep them in mind as well.


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