How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Office Reception Area

The office reception furniture you choose for your reception area can help promote a positive image of you and your company. Nobody likes being stuck waiting –  but if they must, they may as well be comfortable.

Cisco System reception area

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When selecting office reception furniture, here are a few thing to bear in mind:

  1. Comfort
  2. Colour and material
  3. The durability and construction

Attractive Office Reception Furniture

Forget about standard, boring reception furniture. There’s a vast array of furniture out there to help make your reception area speak volumes about your business and how you take care of your guests and clients.

If you happen to be short on space and still need to make a good first impression, then just keep it simple. A classy reception sofa will leave an excellent impression on visitors and clients, just make sure it’s comfortable!

Selecting the right chairs will make your visitors feel at ease. A low framed wooden design will always stay in style, as well as being easy to maintain. You could complete the look by matching up the chair colour to that of your business logo and pairing them with a wooden or glass coffee table, to serve as the focal point.

On the subject of coffee tables, avoid table tops that stain easy. If you do decide on a glass coffee table, make sure you lay down a couple of coasters. Provide a small stack of magazine or flyers about your company, to keep your guests occupied.

The importance of stacking chairs

Occasionally you may need emergency chairs, especially if you’re holding interviews. Ideally, you should set aside some budget to invest in some stacking chairs that can be laid out and stacked away when required. This way you’re maximising your space with minimum fuss.

photo credit: Pinterest

photo credit: Pinterest

Reception Desk

The reception desk is probably the first thing your client will notice when they arrive to at office. Look for a desk that will welcome the client, so they feel comfortable and confident as they head towards it and speak with your receptionist. The desk also needs to have enough space for your receptionist to work, speak to guests and organize their daily work.


Keeping files stored and organised is crucial for your receptionist. Instead of opting for the same old drab metal filing cabinets that are hidden out of sight, consider something more colourful, which will add character to the room.

So when you are planning to redecorate your reception, make sure it’s stylish with comfortable furniture. This will a have long lasting impression on your clients. A reception area alone is not enough to get a fair evaluation of your business, though in many cases, the quality of a reception area has been the basis on which a client would be willing to negotiate further.


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