7 Concurrent Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business Success

Your small business success is propelled by several factors. The most significant of which is marketing strategy.

Creating marketing strategy

You may have the best products and the best employees, but they may become useless without some regular and concurrent marketing programs. Selling is one thing, but marketing is something else. If you want to really succeed in growing your business, you should always have two or more marketing strategies that can be implemented altogether at the same time.

In the UK, most entrepreneurs are aggressively implementing various marketing strategies. Some of them give away promotional products, we will discuss this strategy later. Others are doing the same thing along with unique marketing approaches.

When you think of businesses that successfully market themselves you automatically think of companies such as Nike and Apple, but you have to start somewhere, 4 Site Implementation could be that stepping stone that you and your business needs.

To know more, here are seven concurrent marketing strategies for your small business:

1. Raffle Coupons

You can create a marketing program in which you can inform your customers to register a raffle by coupons. This coupon must be included in the packaging of your products. When people buy them, they are entitled to register the coupons for them to get a chance of winning something depending on your offer. You can provide the mechanics on the coupon. This program is designed to entice them to buy your products because of prizes. What you have to do is to make the prizes attractive.

2. Promotional Products

These are a great way of getting value even from a tight budget. The goal is to choose which products are relevant to your business Plan the strategy and activity they will be used for and agree the branding to be personalised onto the product. Then try to monitor and log your return on investment even if it is as simple as the customer will remember your brand.

Promotional product - USB

3. Product Sampling

Product sampling on the other hand is giving away your own brand instead of other brands as promotional products UK. The idea behind it is to get your customers to experience your products. This approach will inculcate in them the habit of using your products.

4. Free Trial

Free Trial works similarly with product samplings. The difference is that free trials are deeper and more personalized. This could mean your commitment to supply your customers with your products for free in exchange of their possible commitment to regularly use your products. The purpose is not just to sell your products sporadically but to build a lasting business relationship with your customers.

5. Stab Replacement

This is another wise approach to build your brand. You can inform your customers to get a stab from the packaging. What you can do is to replace each stab with a corresponding reward. The more stabs they collect, the more rewards they can claim.

Discount coupon

6. Discounts

This is the most popular and still the most proven marketing strategy you can offer to your customers. However, your success in this approach depends on the actual amount you are offering your customers on a particular product or service.

7. Buy-One-Take-One

This approach is ideal when you are in need of reducing your inventory. In that case, you can take advantage of this strategy to lure your loyal customers to get your products more often.


Creating a marketing strategy must be based on the type of customers you are targeting. If your customers are young, make sure your offer matches their interest. Creativity and research must be used to develop several marketing programs which you can implement simultaneously.

Nevertheless, implementation is the key. You can use a common marketing strategy, but you may implement it differently in order to have a unique approach.


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