Blog Marketing Tricks You Should Try

Do you have a blog? How many people are viewing it on a regular basis? That number will greatly depend on how much work you are putting into marketing that blog. If you want to get people to check out what you have to say you need to show them that you actually have something to say.

Blog marketing

Even if your blog is more of a personal thing and you don’t need it to convert readers into buyers you still want to have people looking at it. What’s the point in blogging if no one is there to read your blog.

Pay Attention To Holidays

Holidays are an excellent way to get viewers to your blog, especially if you use them for content. Take a cue from other bloggers that post about holidays, no matter how big or small. If your blog is a business blog you may want to put some focus on holidays that go along with your business type, like National Pizza Day for a pizzeria (that’s in February).

The bigger holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, offer some excellent ways to create blog posts that attract people. You could post a Christmas related post each day of December and people will keep coming back for more. Best gift ideas, how to decorate better, how to host a holiday party- the ideas are endless.

Get On Social Media

It’s pretty easy to market on social media, it’s as easy as sharing links to your blog posts. If you have photos with your posts it will make the link even more appealing to people, and more clickable. Plus it’s also useful to include a few words, like an intro, on what your post is about so people know what to expect.

Try Link Building

Are you including links to other reputable sites in your blog posts? If you aren’t you may be missing out on one of the best ways to market a blog, personal or business. You simply use some good blogs to link to that talk about something you mention in your own post, allowing your readers to check out more info on the subject that you didn’t have time to delve into.

Make sure to link to good sites with good reputations. Linking to sites that may give people viruses or malware, or places like Wikipedia where information could be false, is just going to scare people away from reading your blog.

Consider The Season

Similar to blogging about holidays, you may also want to consider the season when it comes to blogging topics. You will talk about some different things in the summer than you would in the winter. Even healthy and wellness bloggers know that skin care in one season is not the same as it is in another.


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