5 Excellent New Year Business Ideas

A new year is a great opportunity for a fresh start. If you want your 2017 to be a big success, you should think about exploring your plentiful options in exciting business opportunities.

Dog walker

There are many business ideas out there that are suitable for all personality types and interests. Ambitious, dedicated, driven and motivated people can reach for the stars in 2017 by launching businesses that are fully in line with their abilities and skills.

1. Bike Repair

Bike repair

Bicycle repair can be a great New Year business option for many individuals. Many people all around the world depend on bicycles to get around on a daily basis. They cycle to work every morning. They cycle to their friends’ houses. They cycle to take care of daily errands and tasks as well. It isn’t unusual to see people biking to grocery stores in their areas.

If you want to start a brand new business for the fresh new year, bicycle repair may be a strong choice. Look for a storage facility that can keep your bicycles. There are always people in need of bicycle repair work. Tune-ups and maintenance work are frequently necessary, too.

2. Mobile Spray Tanning

Spray tanning

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People love looking tan all year long. Nothing beats the glow of sun-kissed skin. If you want to help people achieve the bronzed appearances of their dreams, you should consider starting a mobile spray tanning business of your own.

Mobile businesses bring convenience to the table. You can visit your customers directly. They don’t have to come to you. That can mean a lot for people who are interested in pure convenience.

If you’re serious about starting this type of business, you need to invest in spray tanning machines that are modern, updated and reliable. You also need a strong understanding of the spray tan universe. Spray tanning has been a force in the beauty world for many decades now. It’s extremely popular in many different parts of the planet.

3. Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning service

Clean homes will never ever go out of style. Clean commercial properties will never go out of style, either. That’s precisely why it can be so smart to start a professional cleaning company. It doesn’t matter if your mopping skills are unparalleled. It doesn’t matter if you’re the finest carpet cleaner in town, either. There’s always going to be strong demand for professional cleaning work.

If you want to launch a successful, lucrative and promising business for the new year, few ideas can beat starting a professional cleaning firm. If you want to establish a focal point for yourself, that can help, too. You may want to focus solely on dining establishment cleaning work. You may want to concentrate exclusively on residential cleaning service, too. Your choices are abundant.

4. Career Guidance Service

Career guidance

It can be hard to select a career that’s satisfying, enriching and fulfilling. If you have a supportive and motivational personality, however, you may be the type of person who can provide others with invaluable career guidance service. If you genuinely enjoy assisting others and changing the courses of their lives for the better, a rewarding vocation as a career coach may be in the cards for you.

You can establish an independent career coaching firm that can help people who are in the middle of anxiety-inducing job-related ruts. Career coaches can be beneficial to all different types of people. They regularly assist high school students who feel confusion about their futures. They regularly assist mature adults who are sick and tired of their existing jobs and who want to break free from them as well. If you have a penchant for doing good for other people, beginning a career coaching business for 2017 may be ideal for you.

5. Dog Walking

Dog walking

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be an entrepreneur. You can throw that notion out of your mind today. If you’re someone who has a deep passion for animals, you may want to think carefully about beginning a dog walking business for the fresh new calendar year.

Many busy people own dogs. They don’t always have the time every day to walk them properly, however. If you want to help concerned and loving canine owners who have hectic schedules, the best thing you can do is offer them your professional dog walking expertise.

A dog walking business can be optimal for people who appreciate freedom. You don’t have to worry about setting up a brick and mortar location, either. You simply need to spread the word about your available services. If you love being around animals and taking care of them, creating a dog walking company in 2017 may be the smartest option for you.

Dog walking businesses are ideal for people who are responsible, punctual, friendly, nurturing and detail-oriented. If you’re a good communicator who loves being around others, you’ll likely thrive as a career doggy walker.


So, there you go – five businesses that you can start in 2017.   What’s your favorite idea? What’s your plan? Please share your thoughts with us!


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