10 Resources to Help Make Telework Possible for Your Company

Offering telework opportunities is a great way to increase your employee morale within your organization. Working remotely gives employees a stronger sense of autonomy and freedom. It also makes it possible for you to recruit from a wider pool of people who aren’t necessarily within your geographical location.


It’s vital to keep your remote employees productive and working at their best. Here are 10 resources to help make that happen.

1. G Suite (was Google Apps)

Most companies that allow remote work have already embraced the power and versatility of G Suite products. Sharing documents is effortless with this free tool that only requires a Gmail account. You can give your workers the ability to collaborate freely on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and budget analysis worksheets. You can also control permissions and see each revision of your employees’ work through G Suite to check each person’s productivity level.

2. Skype

Having meetings can be possible as well with video conferencing software. Many organizations prefer using Skype to accomplish this. All you need is a dedicated internet connection to easily speak to your employees face to face. This way, you won’t need to schedule a costly in-person meeting that may not be possible for your most remote employees. Having a conversation with each employee is a great way to foster community and develop comradery as well with remote workers.

3. Hivedesk

If you want to streamline your telework production model even more, you’ll need an employee productivity management tool like Hivedesk. This virtual online manager allows you to see your employees’ work habits in detail. Employees can check-in and check-out to allow for accurate timesheet hours. You can also take random screenshots to ensure each employee is committed to working for your company while on the clock.

4. MySammy

MySammy is another remote employee productivity tool. This one is not as detailed as Hivedesk. Instead of periodic screenshots to give you an idea of what each employee is working on, MySammy tracks workers through a productivity bar graph. This gives you a better way to control your workers’ quality and habits without being too invasive.

5. Asana

Communication is essential for businesses that embrace the telework model. While some companies rely on each employee’s phone for text messaging or with an email system, many organizations are finding out how useful Asana can be for organizing and tracking employee communication. All you need to do is sign up for its services and see how it works with its free trial app. This tool is best for companies that work on a series of specific projects and need to have information organized easily for quick access. You can easily integrate Asana with other business and automation software and make your operations even more efficient.

6. Worksnaps

For business owners who want even more control and oversight into their remote workers’ day, Worksnaps is a great option. It takes screenshots every few minutes so you can check up on each worker’s progress. It also records your workers’ mouse movements and keyboard strokes to ensure that productivity and procedures are being followed.

7. Trello

Trello is a great tool for companies that manage projects through a series of tasks. Sign up your team to your account, and give each person access to various project tasks. As items are completed, you can select cards and drag them into the appropriate spreadsheet. Trello makes it easy to visualize what needs to be done and what has already been completed.

8. DocuSign

Getting important forms filled out and signed used to be challenging before DocuSign. With DocuSign’s virtual capability, you won’t need to print out contracts, mail them to get signed, and wait for them to get back to your home office. Instead, get everything filled out and completed quickly by sending them via email. Keith Krach, CEO of DocuSign, has aimed to give companies better tools for the future of business.

9. Freckle

Freckle is another time tracking tool, but it presents information in a more convenient way. Instead of having to download software or apps, you can run this tool through any type of browser, giving remote employees more flexibility. Many companies have found that their team has been able to focus more on their work and get more done when Freckle has been activated through their organization.

10. Basecamp

For a comprehensive project management tool, Basecamp gives companies plenty of functionality. You get task management, scheduling, productivity, and messaging tools. This way, you can get all of your information in one place to maximize your profits and capabilities. Employees can benefit from this service as well by staying focused on their task and avoiding distractions that can sometimes hinder remote workers.

A remote working model can work for your business if you have a plan in place to keep employees focused and productive. Get more out of your workers, and set your company’s telework expectations with a variety of management tools you can use with your team members. Incorporate the best apps and capabilities for remote workers to help keep your team working towards your company’s goals.


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