The Best Apps for 5 Essential Small Business Functions

Smartphones are perhaps one of the most important tools a small business owner has. Thanks to the power of technology, you can now access and manage pretty much every aspect of your business via a tap on your phone.

Businessman using business apps


Running a business is hard, and you need all the help you can get. There are a wide variety of apps that help you get things done and keep track of the important stuff.

Here are the 5 categories in which small business owners need great apps, in no particular order.


Your time is valuable, and it has many demands on it.…

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What are Top Business Applications for 2021?

Businesses continuously need to look for ways to enhance their productivity. Today, the customer has become aware and needs everything as per his demands. However, the good thing is that with the advancement in technology many apps have come in the market that can make things easier for the businesses.

Business people using business applications

Below is a list of top business applications.


Connecteam is the application that brings together all business requirements from field to office, across the board. You can interface your staff, oversee everyday tasks, improve worker experience and commitment, and drive your business forward. The best thing about it is that you can really have an across the board answer for dealing with your workers, rather than coordinating various arrangements which will be undeniably more convoluted, tedious, and expensive.…

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How To Pick The Best Employee Time Clock App For Your Business?

The current pandemic has changed the way organizations work in unexpected ways. Keeping track of employee time in the age of Covid-19 is important now that remote working has become the norm. It is challenging to know if your remote employees are working productively. However, with an employee time clock app you can track your employees’ work hours, monitor your team’s performance and identify improvement areas.

Using time clock application

Moreover, these digital tools give employers an upper hand with detailed insights into employees’ working hours and productivity levels. They help reduce manual and error-prone data entry to improve payroll accuracy so that employees get paid for the exact hours they clocked in.…

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10 Resources to Help Make Telework Possible for Your Company

Offering telework opportunities is a great way to increase your employee morale within your organization. Working remotely gives employees a stronger sense of autonomy and freedom. It also makes it possible for you to recruit from a wider pool of people who aren’t necessarily within your geographical location.


It’s vital to keep your remote employees productive and working at their best. Here are 10 resources to help make that happen.

1. G Suite (was Google Apps)

Most companies that allow remote work have already embraced the power and versatility of G Suite products. Sharing documents is effortless with this free tool that only requires a Gmail account.…

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6 Best Tools and Apps for Business Entrepreneurs

Running a business solely from an office is a thing of the past. Nowadays entrepreneurs attend meetings, prepare presentations, and manage people from airports, cabs, restaurants, and even their couches.

Whether you’re starting your first entry-level job, own your own business, or are sitting in the C-suite of a major company, you need the right apps to complete your business tasks and keep track of your projects, both inside and outside the office.


Create lists, save clips from the web, discuss things with other Evernote users, and work on your projects from any device. Evernote is the ultimate note-taking tool.…

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