Starting-up in Singapore? Here are the Available Company Registration Options

The biggest incentive attracting people to Singapore is how easy it is to get the ball rolling, and remarkably, this is largely down to the larger authorities.


A view from Singapore river

They maintain a positive attitude toward people wanting to start new companies and often give them a helping hand. It’s one of the most advantageous places on the globe to begin fresh as you can expand through networking with people in South East Asia.

So, let’s take a look at what options are available!

Private Limited Companies

Starting up a PLC is a very straightforward pick. It’s the clear cut way for small or medium-sized businesses to begin. Although, there are a few things to think about beforehand which are vital for ensuring a successful start-up.

First of all, someone living in the country should be a director. Secondly, your firm needs to employ a secretary and engage a single shareholder.

Branch Office

This is a less attractive choice for those with smaller businesses. It means you’re a smaller part of a bigger firm, so the head office would need to be pretty well grounded elsewhere before you came to this country. Only your department is charged tax. Whatever the overall corporation does outside of the borders isn’t affected.

Banks favour these enterprises since the main office is 100% accountable to pay off any debts acquired. But you need to have two people who have been living in the region long enough to be considered residents as agents. Furthermore, the firm are obliged to carry out its base of operations within the country.

Subsidiary Company

This is a favoured potion for those wanting to launch their companies. They function separately from the head establishment (if they were beneath one) by retaining an individual legal identity.

Furthermore, the tax rates are favourable, but to qualify for this, you must be possessed by a larger corporation for 50-100%.

It’s essential to have at least one director living in the nation and a paid capital of at least $1.00 as well as a secretary.

Which Option Should You Choose?

The majority of people who are keen on how to set up a company in Singapore would prosper greatly from signing up as a PLC – especially if you’re expecting to build upon it in the future. You can literally use the society as the groundwork for expansion.

Anyone part of a larger conglomerate would have to perform as a branch or subsidiary establishment. Ideally the latter since the tax percentages are lower.

Whatever the decision, there’s one thing to be certain of – You’ll be supported with open arms.


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