6 Critical Challenges Faced By Businesses in Singapore

Did you know that there are 323,697 local and foreign companies operating in Singapore? Many of these companies must have crossed so many hurdles to support their business. Though Singapore’s government provides many financial aids for businesses, it’s still challenging to be one of the few businesses that access government subsidies. What should a business person do in such cases?

Businessman in Singapore

Every business owner would agree that raising funds is one of the most challenging parts of running a business. That’s why many of them raise funds from a licensed money lender Singapore to support their business. Apart from raising funds, there are some other difficulties enterprises face.…

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Laws and Etiquette to Keep in Mind on a Business Trip to Singapore

Singapore is somewhere that is fast on the rise in the business world and a place quite unlike anywhere else in the world. On a surface level, you will notice the stunning skyscrapers, designer shops and futuristic environment, but Singapore is also somewhere that is deeply traditional with many different cultures and histories influencing the way of life here.

Marina Bay, Singapore

photo credit: Skyler W / Unsplash

There are many laws and cultural expectations here that you will not find elsewhere so it is important to brush up on these before a business trip.


Singapore is different when it comes to law as it is very liberal and progressive in some ways but also has some very strict laws, strong surveillance throughout and serious punishments.…

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Starting-up in Singapore? Here are the Available Company Registration Options

The biggest incentive attracting people to Singapore is how easy it is to get the ball rolling, and remarkably, this is largely down to the larger authorities.

They maintain a positive attitude toward people wanting to start new companies and often give them a helping hand. It’s one of the most advantageous places on the globe to begin fresh as you can expand through networking with people in South East Asia.

So, let’s take a look at what options are available!

Private Limited Companies

Starting up a PLC is a very straightforward pick. It’s the clear cut way for small or medium-sized businesses to begin.…

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