4 Small Business Marketing Techniques Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Small business marketing is a fundamental element to the success of the venture. It is critical that entrepreneurs understand the impact of several different marketing techniques and how to employ these skills into their own marketing campaign.

It is marketing

A successful marketing effort will drive the expansion and development of any small business. As an entrepreneur, it is evident that a person understands the importance of independent research moving forward. Take a closer look at a few of the more conventional and common marketing efforts that every new business owner should know.

A well-built website

One of the most powerful marketing tools for a small business is a well-built internet site. Any business that does not have a website in this technologically driven era is way below the curve. The first main marketing effort a company should always be building a website.

The site should include a descriptive “About Us” section along with a comprehensive “Contact Us” link. The “Contact Us” section is an important link to building rapport with the public. People should be able to get ahold of someone whenever they have a question or concern.

Social media marketing

Just as a website should be second-nature to the ambitious entrepreneur, a social media presence is essential for marketing. A large percentage of people around the world pop in and out of social media sites several times per day. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are a gift to the beginning small business. It is virtually free marketing.

If owners are willing to invest a little money into their social media marketing, Facebook offers decent pricing for ad placement. There are also several other platforms that offer beneficial ad placement. Just take the time to Google a few key terms, and viola!

Build an engaging blog

The blog is a chance for the public to get to know the spirit of business. This is the chance for the company to show their true colors and provide valuable information to those interested in their cause. A blog can be an extremely powerful marketing tool, but it takes work.

Most small business owners do not have enough time to invest in writing their own company’s blog, but there are plenty of freelance writers that are willing to do the job. Posting an ad on Craigslist or one of the many job sites on the web will quickly turn up quality applicants.

General content marketing

Content marketing, in general, is a great skill to master in small business. The broad spectrum of content marketing includes podcasting, YouTube videos, all the content of a company’s website, and much more. It is as it sounds… content that markets the company’s product or service.


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