11 Unpopular yet Effective Marketing Techniques to Scale up Your Business

Marketing is oftentimes considered a difficult endeavor, and that difficulty can sometimes lead to companies employing marketing techniques that are less than ethical. However, there are numerous effective yet unpopular marketing techniques that you can apply without worrying about becoming unethical.

Marketing strategy

image source: Geralt / Pixabay

Here are 11 unpopular marketing techniques that will help you increase your sales and keep your customers happy.

1. Cold Calling

As much as this concept has been criticized by many, cold calling is still effective. Perhaps it goes as far back as when the telephone was first invented when salesmen from places such as restaurants started calling businesses to get food orders delivered.…

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Predict Your Profit: A Guide to Prospering with Predictive Marketing

The best companies don’t just market to their current prospects, they market to their future buyers too. Learn how to do that with predictive marketing. The marketing landscape looks completely different than it did 25 years ago. Social media marketing and online advertising have changed the way we market, and now there’s more new technology marketers love.

Use predictive analysis to enhance marketing efforts

Predictive marketing analytics is the next new marketing trend, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Eighty-two percent of marketers believe that predictive marketing needs to be a part of any marketing strategy. We’re at the point where businesses can’t afford to not invest in it.…

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Traditional Marketing Techniques are Still Effective Today

Figuring out where to spend the money to boost sales is never easy. With millennials using their electronic devices to find anything from tonight’s dinner to a brand new car, many business owners are now wondering what the best approach to advertising is.

While social media does reach more people at once, the tried and trusted traditional methods still work. Here are some of them.

Cardboard displays in stores

Eye-catching displays have always caught the eye of a shopper in retail stores and supermarkets. Mainly because they pay careful attention to create a display that catches the eye from the moment you enter the aisle.…

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4 Small Business Marketing Techniques Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Small business marketing is a fundamental element to the success of the venture. It is critical that entrepreneurs understand the impact of several different marketing techniques and how to employ these skills into their own marketing campaign.

It is marketing

A successful marketing effort will drive the expansion and development of any small business. As an entrepreneur, it is evident that a person understands the importance of independent research moving forward. Take a closer look at a few of the more conventional and common marketing efforts that every new business owner should know.

A well-built website

One of the most powerful marketing tools for a small business is a well-built internet site.…

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5 Basic Marketing Techniques that Can Make a Big Impact on your Business

While companies are trying to get bigger and better with their marketing techniques in order to get ahead of the competition, they are forgetting about the basic marketing techniques that can actually have a really big impact on their business.

These basic techniques are ideal to complement and back up all other areas of any campaign. So why not go back to basics and try a few of these this year?

1. Guerilla Marketing

This unconventional form of marketing is low cost but produces maximum results. This form of marketing is all about taking the customer by surprise and striking them at a more personal and memorable level.…

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