Traditional Marketing Techniques are Still Effective Today

Figuring out where to spend the money to boost sales is never easy. With millennials using their electronic devices to find anything from tonight’s dinner to a brand new car, many business owners are now wondering what the best approach to advertising is.

Radio station

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While social media does reach more people at once, the tried and trusted traditional methods still work. Here are some of them.

Cardboard displays in stores

Eye-catching displays have always caught the eye of a shopper in retail stores and supermarkets. Mainly because they pay careful attention to create a display that catches the eye from the moment you enter the aisle. People who design the label of their product generally try to find colors that attract attention. Today, cardboard displays are still holding their own and performing well. Even if you only get a small percentage of the people who take a look to try your product, your still gaining sales.

Direct mail

Many business men still use the method of direct mail to generate new customers. The reason is simple; it’s relatively inexpensive and you have the ability to select people based on their age and location. If you send out a few hundred pieces a month and you get a response from even only 10% percent of the letters or postcards, you still have the potential of getting 20 to 30 new customers. Increase your mailings to a thousand or more and the volume can drastically increase.

Radio and TV ads

While advertising on the radio or television can take a big bite out of your budget, you can also reach a large volume of people in a single minute. With this form of advertising, you also have the opportunity to select time slots that benefit the audience you’re trying to reach. Many people who listen to the radio or watch television may not pay attention to your ad but it remains in their subconscious mind. If you appear on either one of their venues a few times a week you become familiar to them. Once that happens if they are in need of this type service they remember that they saw or heard an ad. Combine this with direct mail and you become a household name.

Booths at local events

For a business owner, becoming someone that’s respected and known in the community is a good thing. Putting up a booth at local community events, trade shows, and fairs take you from someone they’ve heard about to a familiar face. Now when they hear you on the radio or receive a letter in the mail they feel a connection to you, that you are one of them, a local.

Meeting with potential customers is also good. It gives you a chance to mingle and find out what’s on their mind.

One sale can generate another

There’s no way of obtaining a real number on the number of sales you can receive from one correspondence or meeting. The reason for this is simple. Many people who like a product tend to tell their family, co-workers, and friends about it. This helps to generate free advertising that can continue on for many years.

While social media is definitely gaining ground on producing sales and helping businesses grow faster, the tried and trusted practiced that have worked for hundreds of years still play a vital role in keeping your business afloat. Even though the numbers are on the decline for newspapers and magazines, many people still like the personal approach.


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