Begin your Entrepreneurial Adventure in Birmingham

Birmingham is among the top entrepreneurial cities in the UK. The city has been leading in major developments in different fields since the industrial revolution began. Birmingham has made significant contributions to economic, technological, science, and manufacturing development in the UK. Thousands of inventions have come from the city as well. The city is not only the home of top inventions in the UK but also a great place for entrepreneurs to start their businesses.


If you are planning to start a business in the UK, read on and discover why you should join other entrepreneurs in Birmingham.

Why start a business in Birmingham

Birmingham is perfectly located in the heart of the UK. Its transport system links entrepreneurs to different cities in UK and other countries. The city’s airport serves 44 airlines that link travelers to more than 140 destinations in different parts of the world. Entrepreneurs can travel to all major markets in the UK within 4 hours using the railway system. If you launch your startup in the city, you will have access to talented and qualified employees from the four universities in the city centre.

The labor costs in Birmingham are lower compared to other cities in the South East of the UK. The city is also leading in technological innovations. Entrepreneurs have access to resources and mentor services to grow their endeavors at The Business and IP Centre in the city. Another advantage of starting a business in Birmingham is that the rents, property prices, and rates are lower than in other Southern cities. The low labor and office space costs enable entrepreneurs to launch startups with limited capital.

Birmingham has a diverse culture and the communities in the city are welcoming and friendly. The city is home to 600 parks where residents and visitors can relax. Your staff can build a vibrant social life in the city while enjoying the low cost of living.

Startup network in Birmingham

Many entrepreneurs move to Birmingham because of the strong startup network. The city hosts more than 40 business meetings every month. The Silicon Canal provides an opportunity for business owners to connect, share ideas, and access resources to build their businesses. Entrepreneurs can find all information about upcoming events in the city through the technology ecosystem. You will have an opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs who are already thriving in the market as you start your business in Birmingham.

In addition to the tech meetings that the Silicon Canal organizes, you can attend other weekly get together’s that Innovation Birmingham holds. Other networks that organize business events and meet-ups include; Female Entrepreneurs of Birmingham, Fusion and Birmingham Entrepreneurs Meetup Group. Look out for annual conferences, events, and festivals that the NEC, Midland Expo, and the LAUCH programs organize in the city. You will have multiple opportunities to build a strong social network in Birmingham.

Finding office space in Birmingham

One of the most important factors that you must consider when choosing the location of your new startup is the availability of office space. You can choose a perfect city but fail to find the perfect spot to locate your business. Luckily, you can find a plethora of different working environments in Birmingham at affordable rates. Some of the best places to look for commercial space in the city include the Custard Factory, Assay Studios, Fazeley Studios, the Impact Hub, and the Old Print Works. The commercial spaces are ideal, especially if you are looking to start a business in the creative industry.

You can find cost-effective working space in any part of the city. However, if you want to reduce your rent costs further, you can explore some of the shared offices spaces in the city. Some of the co-working spaces to consider in Birmingham include The Moseley Exchange, Boxxed, Birmingham Open Medid, and the Loft Workspace. Other co-working spaces include The Talent Navigation Hub, Speedy Desk, FizzPOP, and BioHub Birmingham. You will access the resources and equipment you need to launch your business at a reduced cost in these shared spaces.

Birmingham is undoubtedly one of the best place to start a new business in the UK, especially for small business owners. Entrepreneurs in the city do not only have access to top talents and affordable working spaces but also a strong business network. Business owners can distribute their products to other cities in the UK through the elaborate transport system. You can launch a business in any field at a low cost in Birmingham. In addition, if you utilize the established business networks in the city, you can connect with mentors in your industry and expand your business fast.


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