Getting Inspired – and Staying Inspired Every Day

Though quite a bit of attention is paid to small businesses and startups in tech, it’s impossible to deny that most profits and power still belong to tech’s big names: Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. Thus, tech entrepreneurs and tech small-business leaders must be more driven and inspired than entrepreneurs and small-business leaders in other fields – and most go above and beyond in this respect. In fact, most create paragons of diligence and determinedness, and few ever seem to back down once they’ve made up their minds.

Get inspired

However, seeming isn’t necessarily being. Most small tech leaders, even those who appear undaunted, require motivation every day, and not all their inspiration comes from within. If you are struggling to find an incentive to achieve, you might benefit from this list of tools and tricks for feeling inspired and motivated for the long haul.

Follow Where Curiosity Leads

You may have gotten into this industry because you were fascinated by the possibilities of tech. The truth is, tech remains full of possibilities – but you might not see them because you are restraining your curiosity. Today’s tech industry requires businesses to find niches, but just because your business fulfills a specific market need doesn’t mean your interests should be limited to that small scope.

Inquisitiveness and imagination are essential for inspiration. Your curiosity will allow you to discover new business opportunities if you allow it to run free. All you have to do is ask “why?” or “how?” and follow until inspiration strikes.

Don’t Ignore the Unfamiliar

Often, when people encounter something they don’t understand, they ignore it. Typically, people in tech don’t have such a habit; naturally, curious, they will investigate the novelty until it is well understood. However, as an entrepreneur or business leader, you might have gotten out of that habit. Whenever you find something foreign, whether it is during your workday or while you’re enjoying time off, you should scrutinize it. Likely, this will reignite your curiosity, so you can follow it to success.

Find Balance in Everything

Starting – and then running – a small business feels like a never-ending job, but stress and overwork are the antitheses to inspiration. While you might think putting in more hours at work will bring you success, oftentimes taking a break will help you become more productive and innovative. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to step away from your desk for a while. In fact, you should consider taking time in the middle of every workday to explore the world away from the office. Some experts even suggest facing natural opposition, like rain or snow, which symbolizes resistance that you can overcome with ingenuity.

Put Your Workspace to Work


If your workplace doesn’t inspire you, you must change it. Dull office furniture, neutral walls, fluorescent lighting, and more can quickly dampen spirits and reduce creative thinking, so you should strive to personalize your space as soon as you move in. If you can modify your business’ space to suit your brand, you can help your employees engage with their work. Additionally, you might consider hanging inspirational posters around the office; though they might seem cliché, they actually stimulate workers’ internal motivation, which helps everyone produce higher-quality work.

Force Yourself to Reconsider

You probably wake up at the same time every day; get to work at the same time; drink coffee at the same time; eat lunch at the same time; check your email; leave work; eat dinner; exercise; watch TV; and go to sleep all at the same time every day. Such a rigid schedule is murder to inspiration because it allows your brain to go on autopilot: You don’t have to think to be productive.

The problem is a routine does make you more productive, so you shouldn’t eliminate your routine entirely. Instead, you should try to break up the monotony with unusual events every week. For example, instead of doing your regular exercise, you might head to the gym with no plan or take a class you’ve never tried. This forces your brain to be creative and helps you find inspiration in the mundane.

Meditate on Good Days and Bad

On good days, you probably don’t want to slow down. On bad days, you probably want to forget it all. However, instead of allowing your days to slide by, you should devote some time every day to reflecting on what you did, why, and how it could be different. Meditation doesn’t have to take long – just five or 10 minutes – but it can help you recognize patterns in your behavior and thought processes, so you can effect change.


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