Business Blogging: Why Should You Narrow Your Blog Niche

In business niche, most people when starting a blog write about lots of stuff. And it’s normal for this to happen if you have a great imagination and are inspired by many things around you. Moreover, it’s not bad to vary your business-related topics and to read about various things, but at the same time, it would be a very good idea to narrow your business blog niche. Here is a couple of reasons why.

Business blogger

It’s Easier to Write

Having a particular niche in mind makes it easier for you to focus and to gather information. Ideally, you should choose a topic you are really passionate about, so the articles will just flow. However, at some point, you will have to do some active research and plan your articles, and if it’s a business topic you love, it will be easier. Moreover, it’s useful to stay focused and not ramble about ten topics at a time.

Follow Your Natural Flow

A common topic for your blog posts may convince people to stay more on your website. Once they start reading a useful article, they will discover another one and another one and so on, which will help you gather more loyal visitors that will come back for more.

Don’t try to be fancy and ‘disruptive’ with your topics.  Stay in your niche and be consistent, even predictable – which can be a good thing for a business blog.

It’s Easier to Choose the Keywords

SEO is truly an important part of the industry now. As Google displays your blog post pages based on the merit system, your main focus should be in attracting both readers (who will share your posts on social or even on their sites) and search engine bots (who will rank your blog posts based on the quality and relevancy of a given topic.)

For your article or blog to be worthy of high ranking on Google, you must do several things. One of them is by using relevant keywords in your posts.. Doing keyword research on just one topic is naturally time- and hassle-free for you, which translates to more time for actually writing the articles.

The Audience will be Laser-targeted

If your blog is about local businesses in Topeka, Kansas, attracting visitors who are interested in corporate info in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia won’t give value to both you and the reader.  Narrowing down your blogging topics – including the geographical focus if that’s relevant to you – will help laser-targeting your audience.

The more niche content you will have, the more targeted will your audience be. Your job is to create interesting, catchy and relevant content, and if you do this, including the promotional campaigns that you do on social or any other venues, you will eventually have a great audience.

No More Writer’s Block

This is yet another reason for which you should narrow down your niche: knowing a subject as in-depth as you can is going to help you avoid writer’s block. Especially if you are really interested in the evolution of the subject and so on, you will naturally keep an eye on new developments and information on the topic. This will be useful to find new ideas for blog posts and so you will keep your audience engaged much easier.

A great tip for this is to have an open list of blog ideas where you can jot down your thoughts anytime.  You can revisit your list anytime you want – and stop forgetting about that cool topics to blog about.


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