The Reasons Behind Sacramento’s Growing Population

In a recent report, which surveyed millennials living in the Bay Area regarding their future living preferences, nearly 75% stated they planned a move to Sacramento in the next five years.

Downtown Sacramento, California

California’s capital city has become a respite for the state’s younger generation as a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of other large metropolitan areas, and, more importantly, reduce their cost of living. Sacramento has tons to offer for its nearly 500,000 residents and occasional visitors both old and young, going above and beyond its small-town charm.

There are many things to do in Sacramento, including visiting the State Capitol, touring the California Railroad Museum, and exploring Old Sacramento. Visitors can also enjoy the city’s diverse food scene, which offers everything from farm-to-table restaurants to ethnic cuisine. With so much to see and do, Sacramento is a great place to visit for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation.

A Little-Known Tech Hub

One of the reasons behind Sacramento’s growing population is the rapidly rising number of young, educated workers migrating from tech hubs like San Francisco. Companies like Twitter, Uber, TechCrunch, and Pinterest are all meccas for the brightest minds, but the cost of living in San Francisco has sparked thousands of individuals to search for more affordable city life. Sacramento offers just that, with notable differences in housing, transportation, and everyday essentials.

The growing population of the city shows a clear sign that millennial workers want to be close to the action in the technology startup world, but they also prefer to be able to save a little of their hard-earned money in the process.

Affordable Housing and Everyday Living

Sacramento doesn’t offer the same level of city living as other population, major cities in California, but its smaller footprint offers far more affordable housing than its closest neighbors. For instance, it’s possible to find a three-bedroom apartment to rent on the edge of town for as low as $1,500.

The closer residents get to the city’s center, the higher rent goes. However, reducing the amount of money spent on rent each month while still earning a relatively high income gives Sacramento residents more cash on hand to do the things they love.

There’s also a thriving financial element in the city, with a booming insurance industry and a number of credit businesses including car title loan companies, business investment companies and more.

A Variety of Options for an Active Lifestyle

A number of newcomers to Sacramento are amazed at the diversity of the city, not only in the various neighborhoods around town but also in terms of what there is to do during their down time. The climate in Sacramento is considered Mediterranean, meaning it’s hot and dry during the summer months and mild during the winter, all with little rainfall.

Sacramento isn’t a beach town, but it is close enough that anyone who feels the need to enjoy a day on or near the water can do so without too much of a commute. Within two hours of the city is Lake Tahoe – a picture perfect location for skiing during the winter months and water sports in the summer.

Lake Tahoe

The city also offers a variety of culturally diverse activities just about anyone can enjoy. Countless music and food festivals take place in Sacramento each year, and there are plenty of biking, hiking, and walking trails in and around the city to take advantage of. Residents and visitors also enjoy a thriving theater scene – something not found in a handful of other large cities in the state.


Sacramento has jumped to the top of the list for several younger individuals and families in recent years because of all the good the city has to offer. While some may prefer the beach vibes and metropolitan feel of other California cities, Sacramento is the ideal choice for those looking for an affordable, diverse, big city with a small-town feel.


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