Office Options: 5 Things to Consider When Renting a Workplace

There are many options a business or enterprise has when looking for a place to conduct their daily duties. Often-heard buzzwords, like ‘co-sharing’, ‘open-plan’ offices, and ‘time-share’ renting all sound like viable and important things worthy of your consideration and time, but what are they exactly?

And, more importantly, why should you even be considering them in the first place (hint: unless you’re in the process of getting together a tech start-up, they’re probably not for you).

Here are five (more) relevant, universal, and tangible things for you to consider when you’re looking at renting a workplace.

Location, Location

It should come as no surprise that the location of your workplace has as big a bearing on the success of your work as any other factor. As with domestic real-estate, the mantra for commercial and business real estate is ‘location, location’.

Consider the needs of the business and work you will be conducting.

Do you need a location close to transport? Do you need car parking readily available for any work vehicles? Do you need a local shopping strip, a bar (for after-work drinks, or team meetings), or a nearby cafe to bolster productivity? Visualise your ideal working space, and then find the location that best meets that visual.

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

This is another one of those bits of logic which applies to domestic and commercial real estate equally. As with your place of residence, your place of business will function more seamlessly if you and your neighbours are a good fit. When searching for a rental workspace, enquire about other tenants; find out whether the business types and needs are compatible. It’s no good conducting a quiet, phone-sales based business next door to heavy, constantly operating machinery. It won’t end well.

Another question to ask (and to research) is ‘who has been there before?’

If the workspace that you’re looking at has seen a flow of tenants, it might be time to choose an experienced locksmith and see about getting the locks & keys changed over.

Fit For Purpose

With the multitude of spaces available for rent, it’s easy to become blinded by shiny surfaces and finishes. The major question you have to ask, is ‘does the space fit the person/people/business being carried out?’ If the answer to that question is a no, or a maybe, then keep looking. What’s the point of renting a massive space (with an associated cost, and with larger associated heating/cooling and power bills) when you’re only catering to 5 employees? Match the space to the enterprise.

Forward Facing

Another important question to ask yourself is whether you will need a space which is accessible to, and presentable to the public. Does your workplace/business either sell or deal directly with clients? If so, you’ll need to make sure that the place you decide to rent as a workplace as an available area which is clean, cleared of hazards, and presents the best possible environment to your customers/clients. It’s not only good for your reputation, it’s also good for your pocket (Workplace Health & Safety – or WHS is an even more costly undertaking if you fall foul of regulations).

Natural Beauty

Don’t underestimate the effect that environmental factors, such as light, plants and air circulation can have on your undertakings. When considering a potential workspace, look at the way that the space is affected by its surroundings. Does it feel well-ventilated? Can you see well without squinting or otherwise hurting your eyes. These seemingly small things are very important in the day-to-day life and wellbeing of your employees (if you have any) and yourself.

Take your time when searching for that perfect rental workplace – some of the smaller, most often overlooked factors will often be the things that endear you (or repel you) to making a choice. In any case, you’re now more prepared than a pocket-list of buzzwords to find your ultimate workspace.


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