5 Advantages of Traditional Marketing Over Digital Marketing

One of the major goals of every business is, of course, to grow and maintain a strong and loyal client base. A key factor in achieving this is to promote the products and services of the business through advertising. This can be done through newer digital marketing strategies that utilize social media, among others, as well as through established and more traditional marketing methods.

Print magazine ads

But while digital marketing can possibly reach more people quicker, there are still some advantages of employing more traditional marketing methods.

1. Easy to reach local audience

When your target group of customers are the local consumers, then a radio ad is definitely one of the most useful marketing method to employ. It’s also one of the quickest ways to get your message across, as radio ads generally don’t take too long to be ready for airing over the local radio station.

2. Promotional materials can be kept and recycled

While online ads certainly don’t require the use of physical resources such as printing materials, posters and flyers have the sole advantage of being hard copies that can be taken anywhere and re-read anytime, even where there is no internet connection. Additionally, these promotional materials can be kept for reuse, or recycled.

3. It’s familiarity makes it easy to understand

With older folk already used to traditional methods of promotion, they don’t need much explanation as to what these promotional material are for. They can just simply accept a flyer or two, read it when they have time, and know that it’s an advertisement for a brand or a product. Digital marketing methods, on the other hand, might not sit well with older customers who have little idea how to navigate the internet.

4. Studies suggest that hard copy marketing are easier to process and recall

There have been studies aimed at determining whether paper marketing had an edge over digital media, or vice versa. In one such study sponsored by a Canadian entity, it was found that paper marketing was easier for the customer to process mentally and remember. This means that among those included in that certain study, participants reported being more inclined to remember what they read in an advertisement that was printed on direct mail, than they did on a digital ad.

5. It has a high and proven success rate

With everything going digital these days, it’s easy to wonder why traditional methods of marketing are still around. The explanation for that is simple: it’s tried and tested, and has a high success rate. Yes, online methods might reach a more global scale of promotion, but it’s not a guarantee of reaching all of your potential customer base.

Not everyone who might be interested in your product or service has access to the internet, or they might but they don’t really like going online. Or they could go online, find your competitor first, and decide to do business with them. For these people, traditional marketing methods are convenient. They could just walk into your pop up tent filled with your products and several spandex table covers customized with your brand logo to know more about what you’re trying to promote. They could also just as easily turn on their radios and listen to your radio ad.


Whereas modern marketing methods largely revolve around social media and the internet and reach a whole generation of computer-savvy consumers, traditional marketing has the ability to reach out to corners where internet connection is scarce. That, along with the fact that older people who are still a large part of the customer base are more familiar with traditional marketing methods make it something that will surely continue being utilized for years to come.


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