Best Heaven on Earth for Business Travelers: Suzhou, China

Are you traveling for business or attending a conference to Shanghai, China? If so, you just can’t miss spending some time exploring the surrounding regions.  If we have to name one, consider this: Suzhou.

Suzhou garden

The guys at Los Angeles-based Cheap Every Door Direct Mail 55 Printing share their experience in traveling to Suzhou after attending a conference in Shanghai. They fall in love with the city, and they want to share what they know about it. Read on.

Why Suzhou: Greens

Many visitors consider Suzhou as Heaven on Earth – for some good reasons.  For one, it’s a getaway from the hustle and bustle of a megapolitan, Shanghai, just 62 miles northwest of it.  So, if you are attending a conferenc in Shanghai, take a break from your busy schedule for an excursion to the enchanting city of Suzhou.

Suzhou is one of the most beautiful cities that boasts natural environment.   The traditional greenery enclosing the city is a major work of the extraordinary engineering of the Ming Dynasty.  There are four large lakes and a channel network that dated back to 2,500 years ago – perfect places for your Instagram posts.

Exploring the city, you may want to use the green bikes provided by the Suzhou government. Travel through the tree-lined roads and green valleys, don’t forget to visit stops adorned with cherry and plum trees, azaleas, camellias and rapeseed.

Don’t forget to visit the Yangtze River Delta and Suzhou’s rapid development as an innovative city fit for business – and, of course, travel.

While you’re at it, consider visiting one of the best milestones of Suzhou, Tiger Hill – a little slope woven with winding pathways and pagodas, featuring the magnificent Yunyan Temple – China’s very own Leaning Tower.  Tilting as far as three degrees due to the weak foundation, it’s surely a must-visit for history buffs – or simply for those who just want a lovely evening walk.

Tiger Hill

For those who are passionate about plants, Suzhou features legendary indigenous plants, which can be found at the Humble Administrator’s Garden. Along with Suzhou’s other classical gardens that are considered as UNESCO World Heritage sites, the garden features the remnants of the Ming Dynasty, a revisit to the history of writer Wang Xianchen, and, of course, the shining lotus lake, walkways, bonsai gardens and trees.


A day trip wouldn’t be enough for exploring Suzhou.  So, after days of tiring conference in Shanghai, you might want to spend an additional night, perhaps at one of the resorts at the shore of Suzhou’s Yangcheng Lake.

All in all, Suzhou is a city that’s not to miss in your business travel itinerary.  A highly recommended one, I must say.


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