Great Ideas for Home-based Business Startups

Venturing into the world of startup businesses is an exciting journey, and has the potential to be a highly profitable one. However, determining which goods or services a marketplace needs can be more complicated than it sounds. What any successful entrepreneur needs is a great idea to get them started on the right foot.

Business ideas

More and more people are finding success by choosing to start a home based business. Being self employed requires a large amount of discipline, but when done correctly the income will come pouring in. Here are some fantastic ideas for business startups that you can do all on your own, right from the comfort of your home.

For the Do-er

Having a particular skill that others do not or simply being excellent at a particular task others are not that good at can lead you into a very lucrative business. For example, the bicycle is slowly replacing modern forms of transportation in various cities around the United States, but how many of those bicyclists know how to repair their own set of wheels? With thousands of people choosing to ride a bike over driving a car, a repair man becomes a necessity for them.

Not everyone is handy with a toolbox, but the idea remains the same. Here is a list of great startups that include skills many would never imagine to be so useful.

  • Computer Repair
  • Taxidermist
  • Appliance Repair
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Moving Service
  • Landscaping
  • Upholstering
  • Engine Repair
  • Jewellery Maker
  • Cleaning Service

While some may sound simple, each of these jobs requires an in-depth knowledge and in some cases a license or training.

For the Tech Savvy

Technology makes the business world go around. From writing to designing, the need for those skilled with all things computer related is ever expanding. From written content to website creation, turning a passion into a thriving business makes for a great startup idea.

The list below outlines great entrepreneurial opportunities for those skilled in these arts.

  • Website Development
  • Photographer
  • Freelance Graphic Designer
  • Desktop Publisher
  • Computer Training Services
  • Marketing Copywriter
  • Editorial Services
  • Business Marketing

Taking a class at a local community college or even pursuing a degree that pertains to any of these fields can instantly establish the owner of a business as reputable, having clients sending emails for work in no time.

For the People Person

Having the ability to work well with others is a skill all in itself. People have a wide variety of needs, and having the ability to provide those needs while leaving a smile on their face is a simple business foundation. Working face to face with clients offers an opportunity to grow by word of mouth alone when done right.

Those who can sell themselves and what they can offer can find success with any of the following career choices.

  • Event Planning
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Coaching Sports
  • Home Energy Auditor
  • Household Organizer
  • Interior Decorator
  • Personal Concierge
  • Personal Trainer
  • Wedding Planner
  • Hairstylist?
  • Massage Therapist
  • Giving Music Lessons
  • Running a Bed and Breakfast
  • Running a Daycare

Entrepreneur's life

Entrepreneur Life

Each of the above mentioned businesses have an immense potential for expansion, and all of them can be run out of your home to save on storefront costs. Be sure to look into any certifications a job may require first. Anyone can easily turn one of these skills into a thriving startup business.

Individuals are made unique in many ways, but nothing defines someone quite like their set of skills. Combining a passion with the needs of the masses is a sure fire way to see any business thrive, and see the profits start rolling in.


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