How to Ensure Your Shop Makes a Great First Impression

As a retailer, one of the most important things you have to do is make your customers feel welcomed.

That’s why you have all your staff in pristine matching uniforms and train them to greet every customer with a smile.

Store employee

But it’s not enough.

First impressions matter. Before your customers even enter your premises and come face-to-face with your friendly employees, they’ve already been given all the information about your business they need to know.

From the shop exterior to the window display and interior decorating style, there are plenty of little things that can instantly put them off.

To ensure that’s not the case with your business, here are a few budget-friendly styling tips and finishing touches that are guaranteed to help your shop make a great impression on every customer. Check them out.

#1: employ some colour psychology

Colours are super important – they not only help improve brand recognition, they can also have a strong persuasive effect on your customer.

Red increases urgency (hence why it’s used in a lot of promotional sales materials) whilst blue can encourage trust. Read up on colour psychology and then use your newfound knowledge to make decisions regarding ads, logos, your shop exterior and window displays.

#2: catch eyes with a creative window display

Want your shop to stand out in the high street and grab the attention of busy passers-by? Then you need to create a striking, bright and imaginative window display.

It’s easiest to go minimalist with a few key products artfully displayed hanging from the ceiling. It just takes some strong stainless steel wire, patience and an extra pair of helping hands to accomplish, but it looks very impressive.

#3: think about the practicalities

It’s tempting to fill the front few metres of your shop with tons of amazing new stock that customers (hopefully) won’t be able to resist.

But in terms of being welcoming, it’s essential you suppress this urge and think practically instead. Don’t overfill your shop. Give people plenty of room to move around and, ideally, leave some space at the front for customers to store things like umbrellas, walking sticks or empty prams.

#4: go for green

Add a little personality to your shop and boost its atmosphere with a few plants, starting with one right outside of your door and then dotting them throughout the interior.

Just make sure you remember to water them – dead flowers don’t exactly create the right impression.

#5: always look open

The last thing you want is for passers-by to think your shop is closed when actually you’re open and ready to go.

Invest in a sign, keep the door propped open during nicer weather and light up your windows and interior properly so that there can’t be any mistakes about your welcoming presence on the high street.

Do you have any other tips for business owners looking to make a great first impression with their shop? Leave a comment and let us know.


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