Don’t Forget These Crucial Steps When Starting a Business

No matter how much preparation you do, setting up a business is a trial-and-error endeavour. Its success is unpredictable, and failures big and small could happen anytime. However, the amount of struggle for a start-up entrepreneur may be reduced by keeping in mind the right concepts and carrying out the right steps before launching.

Startup team

Before you take the risk of building your own business, it’s best to equip yourself for the battlefield ahead by knowing what to do first.

Choose your name

Simply deciding on an impactful name for your company does not mean you can scratch this off your to-do list. It’s important to ensure that your company name has an available trademark and web domain name. Failing to do so may get your business into trouble when the ship hasn’t even sailed yet, and may flush the time and money you’ve invested for a brand name down the drain.

There are trademark search engines online that you can use to find out if your business name is unique.

Study your competition

One of the most essential steps before putting up a business is to size-up the competition, says Ian Wright, the founder of British Business Energy. You may be brewing up a brilliant business idea, yet there may be other entrepreneurs brewing up the same.

If what you bring to the table isn’t any better or more affordable than your competitions’, it might be best to look for another angle.

Consult the pros

The easiest way to start smoothly with a new business is to get a coach or mentor, who has years of experience up his sleeve. It is also advisable to seek legal counsel to help you understand the licenses and regulations involved in setting up a business.

According to Forbes, getting a lawyer and accountant will help you build a business that’s compliant to the law. Depending on the state where you are planning to establish your business, the law may require you to conduct regular marijuana testing for employees to ensure company safety and security. These are just one of the things you need to be aware of as an employer.

Find your employees

Starting early on in scouting for future talent is a smart way to build your business. Look for people who might share your interests and whose skills may fit your organization. By building your network, it is much easier to find the right people to fill your team in the future.

According to Rich Sloan, StartupNation’s co-founder, building a social relationship with others is more powerful when searching for potential team members. To sift through a group of prospects, you may conduct a marijuana hair test or any other drug-related tests as part of the hiring process when the time comes.


Entrepreneurship can be a daunting trail to tread in, yet once you learn how to navigate through the path, reaching the peak of success may be the most fulfilling thing. As long as you’ve got your eyes on the prize, it’s easy to overcome the hurdles on the side.


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