When Your Business Should Consider Switching to a VPS

There comes a time when a successful small business must look honestly and objectively at whether certain aspects of their infrastructure are indeed helping them to grow. This extends to the activities that occur on the web because a strong online presence is key to maintaining business relationships and a satisfied base of customers, especially for companies selling products through their website.

What is VPS hosting?

E-commerce is more normalized now than ever before, it’s therefore important for companies to ask themselves how they can make the purchasing of their products efficient. One consideration expanding enterprises need to take into account is when to switch from a shared server to a virtual private server, or VPS. This decision will affect the scalability of their site, its capacity for performance, and as a result, the success of business initiatives.

A VPS performs the same tasks as a shared server, except it will do them for your site exclusively. If your site is receiving many hits, existing on a shared server will slow performance down affecting user experience and consequently, profit in the long term. The good news is this means your audience is growing, and through a VPS you can provide them quick and reliable service because there are less requests to process. Executing sales through a VPS additionally makes customer transactions inherently more secure, which establishes feelings of trust. The worst thing for an emerging company’s reputation is to have their customers’ private information co-opted for malicious activities.

For affordable VPS hosting consider partnering with a company like HostPapa. You’ll always have access to your server with automated provisioning, allowing only black-list free IPs to make use of it. Ensure user satisfaction as well with lightening fast speeds. You can even choose from a selection of e-commerce apps specially designed to perfect the architecture of, and power your online store. This is also a helpful solution for businesses who manage multiple websites over one company umbrella, as it allows you to host unlimited domains.

Unlimited website hosting

Head over to Hostpapa.ca/web-hosting-plan/vps-hosting/ to see how to reduce growing pains for your small businesses through packages that deliver exactly what you need at competitive prices, while also making 24/7 customer support available to you via telephone, e-mail or online chat in four different languages. By signing up you’ll also be granted access to an extensive database of knowledge (including articles and videos) regarding VPS hosting, enabling you to troubleshoot any potential problems or concerns.

Your customers expect your site to respond to their requests quickly and process their purchases reliably and safely. If existing on a shared server is costing you sales, if you’ve received a myriad of complaints from customers, or even warnings from your shared server that your site is using up too many of their allotted resources – it may be time to make the switch to a VPS. A good web host will help to create a smooth transition, and guide you every step along the way so your business continues to grow in tandem and in synchronization with your ambitions.


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