Retirement Luxuries To Put On Your List

The phrase “planning for retirement” generally evokes images of white-haired individuals smiling in insurance commercials, making sure their finances are in order for the long haul. That’s definitely part of the process, and it’s always a good idea to speak to financial advisors, invest for retirement, and save whatever you’re able to. But planning for this phase of your life shouldn’t just be about making sure you can get by – it should also involve a few perks!

Retirement planning

That’s not to say everyone can afford such perks, nor that irresponsible spending is a good idea. But if you’re already working on a financial plan for the years ahead, you may want to have a few luxuries in mind so that you can try to work them into your budget.

Such luxuries depend greatly on personal taste, hobbies, etc. But these are just some ideas to get you thinking.

A Home Entertainment Hub

This could mean a lot of different things depending on how you like to entertain yourself. Particularly these days, however, it’s fairly easy to set up a full-fledged home entertainment hub with just a few devices. A nice TV is always going to be a good idea, and beyond that you may even want to consider a gaming system, given that they provide access to film and television streaming content, and even music. But those are just a few ideas. Between TVs, systems, speakers, and even home assistants like Amazon’s Echo or the forthcoming Apple iHome, you ought to be able to pick a few devices to work into your budget in order to set up an ideal home entertainment situation for your retirement.

A Walk-In Tub

A walk-in tub is not merely a way for someone to take a bath if that someone is no longer as agile. Walk-in tubs also offer therapeutic features and a level of relaxation that can rival and even exceed that of an ordinary bath. Therefore, you shouldn’t think of this idea as anything indicative of debilitating physical condition. It’s just a nice luxury to consider adding to your home as the years go by – and if, at a certain point, it becomes even more useful because of the security and independence it offers, that’s great too.

A New Book Collection

Retirement is a great time to read all the books you never had time for. You don’t even need to be a fan of any particular genre to feel this way. You may have a soft spot for mysteries and pop fiction, an interest in classic novels from history, or even a fascination with histories and biographies. Whatever the case, a full new collection on a bookshelf or in a home library can be a wonderful retirement luxury to allow yourself.

Your Own Boat

We’re stepping things up a little bit with this idea, but then again it’s never been easier. You can find boats for sale online these days, and what’s more, you can usually narrow down the selection according to everything from make and model to budget. That means you may well find a fairly affordable option, and wind up with the perfect thing to enjoy throughout your retirement. For those living near water, or even retiring to a lake house or oceanfront property, there aren’t many things better than having a private boat to go out on.

A Home Greenhouse

Home projects can be spectacular for retirement. They don’t require that you go anywhere or (usually) do anything too physically demanding, but they can absolutely occupy your time and develop into new passions. Along these lines, a home greenhouse can be one of the best possible retirement treats, if in fact you enjoy gardening and tending to plants. You can be active in a greenhouse throughout the year, and always try for new plants, vegetables, and flowers you’ve never grown before.

Again, these are just some ideas to get you thinking. But you can begin to see how luxuries like these could make retirement that much more enjoyable.


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