How to Clean The Office With Natural Cleaning Supplies

There is an alarming number of chemicals using in cleaning products today. Since World War II, over 70,000 artificial chemicals have been invented and a lot of them are in the cleaning products used in office cleaning supplies. These chemicals have been added even though the general public, and the people most exposed to these chemicals, do not know the harmful effects the chemicals are doing to them and the environment.

Office cleaning products

The average work week in Singapore is 44 hours, which means for 44 hours, office workers are exposed to harmful chemicals without knowing it. Because so much time is spent in the office, office cleaning should be done with natural cleaning products to avoid any harmful effects.

Natural cleaning products are usually made of water and chemicals that come from plants, not synthetic chemicals created in a lab. Two of the most common ingredients in natural cleaning solutions are lemon juice and white vinegar.

By itself, fresh lemon juice deodorizes, removes stains, enhances white surfaces, and even prevents mold growth. White vinegar cuts through soap scum and removes odors, making is a common ingredient in natural toilet cleaners.

For stronger cleaning, washing soda can be used. It is like baking soda except heavier and more alkaline. It should only be used while wearing gloves. However, because it is not toxic in the air or damage lungs when used for cleaning purposes, a mask is not necessary. It is great for cleaning painted walls and hard floors because of its alkaline nature and its ability to remove stains.

Baking soda is a much more moderate cleaning agent. This common household product is very effective when doing everyday cleaning naturally. It softens hard water, cuts grease, and enhances whites. It also has a rough, abrasive sort of texture which makes it really good for scrubbing to get grime and grit out. For a disinfectant, salt can be used. Baking soda, salt, and water mixed together is an effective combo for cleaning, even more effective than many synthetic chemical cleaners and certainly less harmful.

Advantages for using natural cleaning products in the office include:

1. Being safe for employees

Many employees are allergic to synthetic chemicals and natural products give them a better working environment.

2. They are better for the environment

Synthetic cleaning solution end up in streams, lakes, and in the air. They poison the world’s delicate ecosystem and hurt plants and animals alike. When the environment’s health is more tenuous than ever, it is important not to carelessly hurt it. Natural cleaning products are dye free and biodegradable so they will not add to pollution like synthetic cleaners do.

3. Natural cleaners are safe to use around children

A lot of times, children are not allowed in offices to minimize their exposure to harmful chemicals. Children are still developing a lot of their vital organs and are especially sensitive to chemicals. Synthetic chemicals can damage children’s organs and give them medical problems that can affect them the rest of their life.

Natural cleaners like lemon juice, salt, baking soda and most importantly water will effectively clean your office just as well as synthetic cleaners and with a lot less harmful side effects to you and the environment. As long as you use natural cleaners wisely, you will never have to touch another synthetic cleaner again.



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