Best Meeting Schedulers for Your Next Meeting

Every day, we use lots of tools to enhance our productiveness, plan duties, speed up work, and review our data. It’s all about improving as many areas of our workflow as possible, getting more done in a short time period.

Appointment scheduler app

Organizing a meeting time shouldn’t be tough. Luckily, there are lots of online meeting scheduler tools available—each with benefits and drawbacks— and even though some work with a variety of calendar applications, others are barely targeted to just one or two.

Below are the best on the go meeting scheduler tools for professionals and businesses.


Agendize app

Agendize provides an integrated suite of apps that help businesses generate higher quality leads, improve business efficiency, and maximize customer engagement. Their solutions are sold in over 20 countries and available in 7 languages.

The apps include online scheduling, free callbacks, live chat, dynamic forms, queuing management, email and SMS marketing, and an integrated CRM.


Getting a time for a group of people to meet is usually a headache, particularly if your team is big or comes with remote employees. Rally helps you generate a simple, uncomplicated poll where participants can vote on a day for a meeting that works ideally for them. It also contains an open comment area on the meeting page, so people can plan the meeting schedule or talk about details before the event.


Doodle app

Doodle is an online tool. It allows users check boxes to point out what times on a day or several days they’re out there to meet. The basic Doodle account is free, but there is also Premium Doodle, which is ad free and designed for professionals and businesses. Additional features consist of things like calendar integration, automatic alarms, and an end to end encryption. There’s also a free Doodle app out there for iOS and Android.

Microsoft Tossup by Microsoft Garage

Tossup was launched by Microsoft in July 2015, giving a lightweight and fast mobile experience assisting groups plan and make choices really swiftly.

One thing that makes Tossup best is its potential to offer group members an ability to vote and suggest choices – which include time and location. It also offers location information like testimonials, timings and contact addresses.

Meet by Sunrise

Meet by Sunrise app

An excellent tool making it possible for you to see when you’re available straight from your keyboard. One of the popular aspects of this is that you may choose open time slots for your invitee to choose from, providing it a more “When Is Good” kind of feel in available at tips of your fingers.

The time chosen by invitees is immediately synced to both calendars, making scheduling as simple as possible.


SnapAppointments serves to small and large businesses. Customers or clients can look at users’ accessibility and book. They can also see their history. SnapAppointments is online consultation booking with more of a tendency toward keeping and developing customer relationships.

Have you tried any meeting scheduler to schedule your meeting? Share in the comments below.


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