Marketing Coaching for Your Business: A 4 Phase Process

Coaching is smart because a professional that has marketing experience can help you grow your business.

Marketing coaching

Marketing is the backbone of a business. If you don’t properly market your business, you won’t make sales and your business will become another failed business statistic (96% of businesses fail within 10 years). Marketing coaching is a fun and exciting way to learn how to promote your business and drive profit.

Coaching is smart because a professional that has marketing experience can help you grow your business.

And there is a four-phase process that most coaches follow to help tailor their service to your business and help you grow:

1. Assessment Phase

The assessment phase is the first phase in the process. Coaches will use this phase to learn about your business and its current state. Most people view this phase as the least interesting because:

  • You’ll be given surveys and questionnaires
  • A coach will ask you a slew of questions

You’ll also have your website, marketing materials and other vital aspects of your business assessed. This allows the coach to understand the foundation of your business and proceed with a coaching plan in the next phase.

2. Plan Development

A detailed plan is created after the assessment phase. The plan takes into account your goals for your business. Your coach will determine if you need a coaching plan or marketing plan to meet your goals.

The plan will include a lot of basics:

  • Objectives
  • Goals
  • Revenue summary
  • Target audiences
  • Implementation method and plan

Marketing is tactical, and a marketing coaching needs to consist of an implementation plan or calendar to put the plan into action.

Your coach will ask further questions during this phase to refine key business points and methods.

Note: A coach with a specialty in your niche is better suited to help you forge a successful marketing plan.

3. Implementation

The implementation part of coaching is a detailed process that goes into the core of coaching. This is where you’ll:

  • Meet with your coach often
  • Review documents and proposals
  • Put plan material into action
  • Experience growth and profits

Implementation is an ever-changing process because marketing changes over time. Measurement will be continual. Coaches will teach you how to measure your marketing activities to make tweaks and changes to reach your goals.

4. Measurement

Perhaps the most important aspect of all is the measurement phase.

If you know how to measure your marketing activities, you’ll be able to:

  • Rate the effectiveness of a marketing avenue
  • Eliminate costly, unprofitable marketing methods
  • Alter struggle marketing methods and avenues

Marketing is about return on investment (ROI). If you’re not making a steady ROI, your plan needs to be altered to ensure you’re able to stay afloat.

A coach will walk you through this entire process so that you can learn how to be an effective marketer.

There’s also the possibility of hiring a professional to market on your behalf. The issue with hiring a marketer is that you’ll need to have enough capital to hire an additional employee. A lot of companies don’t have the capital to hire a professional, so a marketing coach is an effective way for you to market your business to the point that you can hire a professional marketer.


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