Business Marketing: Understanding Key Terms and Semantics

Business marketing isn’t what it used to be. Now, particularly with regard to online advertising, it’s more important to understand key terms and semantics than it is to try to push yourself as a brand or product from the inside out. You have to imagine people searching for what you do, rather than who you are.

Digital marketing for small business

To help yourself out with this new age marketing concept, you can do things like learn to use search-centric advertising, work with Google’s algorithms, research expertise and word clouds when it comes to semantics, and embrace all of the spokes on the wheel of virtual branding.

Using Search-Centric Advertising

Promoting search visibility is a very particular skill that you can learn from a programmer’s perspective. If you reverse engineer the idea of a person sitting at a computer looking for a product or service, you can decide what types of words they are going to search for. If you know that your brand or company will be at the top of their search results, then you have a competitive edge over every single other company. The tough part is figuring out how to get yourself on that top in an efficient manner.

Working With Google’s Algorithms

Learning about Google’s search engine algorithms is a necessary cornerstone of today’s marketing as well. And you don’t have to just learn at once. It regularly adapts as marketers and advertisers learn how to work the system. So you have to be smarter than everyone. Not only do you have to have excellent content and advertising for your product itself, but you also have to learn how to place all of your promotions in a way that makes sense to search engines.

Expertise and Word Clouds

One way to determine value online is by how much expertise the company has about a topic. If you have some automated process trying to determine this level of depth, then you know that you’ll be looking for certain words and phrases that match criteria. In other words, not only do you have to have references to your company and your service, but you also have to include on that same advertising page a lot of words that suggest you actually know what you’re talking about.

Embracing All the Spokes On the Wheel

Advertising and promotions don’t follow a single path anymore. There are multiple spokes on the wheel of success, and they include everything from website design to face-to-face interactions, and from search engine optimization techniques through social media savvy. If you miss any of your opportunities to push your brand, then there is a guarantee that some other company is willing to put in energy where you won’t.


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