Tips for Insuring Your Car When You Have a Disability

If you or any of your employees are categorized as a driver with disability, you should be aware of a thing or two about insuring your business vehicle.  Read on for some tips.

Driver with disability

You may not be aware that insurers are not allowed to refuse cover or charge more for disabled drivers. However, it it is essential that any motorist with a disability is aware of how to find the right policy and also if there are any ways that they can reduce their premium.

Insuring an Adapted Automobile

The key factor impacting the amount you pay will be the adapted automobile that you drive. Although insurance companies are getting better at understanding vehicle modifications, many disabled motorists still find it hard to obtain an affordable policy when they drive an adapted car from a company like Allied Vehicles The first aspect to address is to ensure that they have the right type of license with the DVLA.

Shopping Around

It is also essential that you select the correct type of modifications on comparison sites (not appearance of performance modifications). Insurance companies tend to charge more for any type of modifications as these cars cost more to repair, but by shopping around you should be able to find a fair quote for an adapted automobile.

Specialist Insurers

If you are struggling to obtain a reasonable quote, it may be worth looking at a specialist disabled motorist insurance company. Typically, these companies are better to deal with as they have a greater understanding of adapted automobiles and the needs of disabled motorists.


One fantastic way to reduce the amount that you pay is to join the Blue Badge Scheme. This scheme gives those with a disability closer parking and concessions, but some insurance companies will also provide discounts to carriers. Alternatively, if you are part of the Motability scheme (where mobility allowance can be exchanged for leasing a vehicle), then insurance is part of the agreement.

Other Tips

Another way to reduce your premium is to follow the tips online that any motorist can follow for cheaper insurance. Typically, this will include advice like increasing your excess, cutting extras, obtaining garage or off-road parking and improving the security of the automobile. You will be surprised at just how much you could cut with a few of these tips.

Checking What is Covered

Although you will want to cut costs, it is vital that you do not select a poor level of cover. You should look to see the extent of the cover in case of theft, whether or not an adapted vehicle will be offered as a replacement or if they will cover the cost of taxis if not.

Obtaining insurance can be daunting for disabled motorists, but hopefully the above information will help you to obtain a great policy without breaking the bank.


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