3 Absolute Do’s For a Start Up

Every day, there is someone with a new and fresh idea. Start up businesses litter the internet. Some make it and others just don’t. But what’s the difference? What helps those that succeed to reach the heights they do? How do they turn nothing into a booming, profitable business?


Below are three things that you must do to solidify the foundation of a new start up company.

Do Watch Your Finances

Ok. You remember the time you were 7 and you worked all kinds of odd jobs to try and raise the money for a new bike? You raked yards, washed cars, delivered papers, and so on. This is not like that. Beginning a startup business will take more money than you think. You have to have money for equipment, product, payroll, and maintenance, just for starters.

This doesn’t include rent for a building, or website, or both. You have to make sure that, you not only have enough saved to start the business, but that you can keep it running long enough to turn a profit. Watch your finances. Money does indeed make the business world go round.

Do Hire Quality Workers

Have you ever worked in a place where you had one or more workers that just didn’t care about the job? They came to work sloppily dressed, only halfway performed their duties, blamed everything that went wrong on someone else, and were habitually late or absent altogether? They were only there for the paycheck and made sure to tell you regularly.

These people, unfortunately, are a dime a dozen. A huge part of a solid foundation in a new business is the people who work there. Do your research. Call the references, get the background checks, and pay attention in the interview. Hire quality people and you will put out a quality product.

Do Maintain Self-discipline

As the CEO of your new business, you are the nucleus of the whole project. Whichever way the wind of your imagination blows is the direction your company will follow. The personality of your new business will reflect you, more than anything else.

Your success, your failure, your emotions or lack of them, your work ethic and how you grow or flop in all of the above will guide your path. The way you attend to your employees and the risks you decide to take or not take will decide whether or not your business grows in leaps and bounds or baby steps. There’s also the you outside of your company. Self-discipline includes taking time for you. You must be able to separate work and play.

Taking on the adventure of a new business is exciting. Make it successful, as well, by following the tips.


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