What Are KPIs, And How Can Consultants Help You Target Them?

Every business has indicators that aid in determining how a company is doing regarding meeting set objectives or measuring employees’ accomplishments after a given period. These “measurables” are achieved using Key Performance Indicators, KPIs.

Measuring KPIs

The use of high-level KPIs, for example, depicts the overall performance of a business while low-level KPIs are focused mainly on sales, marketing or customer care. KPIs generally cover the following areas:

  • Business indexes
  • Finance
  • Return on investments
  • Customer retention and satisfaction
  • Ticket analysis
  • Call times
  • Back order rates

Each KPI is unique to a sector and determining each level goes a long way in understanding how an enterprise is faring. Also, KPIs are important because they help you measure your target, create a perfect atmosphere for learning, and help you gauge yourself against competition, all while encouraging accountability and boosting the morale of staff. One way to explicitly understand your company’s KPIs is to invest in hiring an IT consultant company like TechBlocks (a Toronto-based firm) that’s particularly adept in determining them.

IT consultants define KPIs by how advanced, efficient and effective the information technology services offered by an organization are. One way that IT specialists will help in targeting specific KPIs is by coming up with a project plan that deals with how to reduce the average waiting time. Sometimes, the response time by certain companies to a customer’s raised issues take a very long time, but consulting with IT experts will help you explore different approaches for how to quickly get back to clients without keeping them on the line.

Nonetheless, when you need to calculate the percentage of all the issues, or requests raised by clients through the telephone on the same day, IT consultants are the best choice to go with in establishing same day fix calls. This way, you will get to know if you have strong people managing your business’s support sector.

IT consultant

Customer satisfaction is another factor that IT consultants define KPIs by. Through technology, an organization can have a platform where customers rate their experience with the company and leave comments about how they feel. This way, if you were piloting a product or service online, you would be able to determine how viable it is before committing to it.

Also, through IT consultants, you can quickly tailor your goals and objectives to specific teams or stakeholders to make sure that all the sectors are benefitted equally. On top of that, the consultants understand that KPIs are important because they are a perfect roadmap to easy implementation of innovations and projects, and for this reason, they will help you come up with a viable plan that is both transparent and collaborative to help further your growth.


There is nothing to lose by collaborating with an IT consultancy to build and tailor your KPIs for success. They offer some very necessary services, including the first ever steps needed in developing your business and ensuring that your business incorporates an excellent digital presence that will put you on top of the competition.


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