Why Everyone Needs a Flexible Working Schedule

Being shackled to a dead-end nine-to-five job isn’t exactly what every high school or college graduate expects after wrapping up their student life, but such is the grim reality we face, given that most companies still mandate their employees to operate under these circumstances.

Flexible working

There is no room for compromise and definitely no potential for growth if one were to choose this career path, even if one were to decide to jump from one traditional company to another. The glass ceiling will always be there.

Flexible working, more control

But the times are changing, and so, too, are business models, with work-from-home structures and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) on the rise. These models allow individuals to have gainful employment while maintaining their handle on how they spend their time, money, and energy.

Since most of these livelihood opportunities require no more than passion and a particular number of work hours per week, people who are interested in taking this path are free to choose their schedules and work spaces. They have the option to either work from home at night, so they could focus on their personal affairs in the day, or work from a coffee shop or a co-working space in the day, so they could kick back and relax at the local bar or movie theater right after work (see http://thecommondesk.com/ for more info.)

Dealing with emergencies better

These emerging work models also allow people to allot a contingency leeway should any emergency arise or should weather conditions or other acts of God interfere with their work.

Traditional companies can only offer so much as a free pass in the form of paid leave days, which only come to employees so few times in a year, and sometimes must be filed a certain number of days or weeks prior to the leave days. It’s as if CEOs and managers are telling their employees to come to work, come literal hell or high water.

Not only does that demoralize employees, but also put them in danger should calamity strike.

Freedom in exploring opportunities

Corporate micro-management is also thrown out the window if one were to pursue a career under these work models. With these opportunities, people are now free to explore other means to attain success, be it financial or otherwise.

Taking in hobbies is now a breeze. Starting a family will no longer be as difficult. Setting up a business and other passion projects becomes less of a hassle to do. Getting work done in different spaces, such as this Fort Worth coworking space, won’t be a problem.

People now have the luxury of not having someone breathe down their neck every fifteen minutes to tell them how to do their job right, because now they can set their own daily and long-term goals.

Flexible working FTW

The “other” boss is now out of picture, with you being in control of how you operate. The world is now more in everyone’s hands these days. The age of the traditional company is now dying, and the age of the tech-savvy entrepreneur is steadily soaring above the horizon.

One no longer has to worry about hitting the glass ceiling and failing to break through it.


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