Marketing and Selling Your Own Health-Conscious eBook

No matter what anyone tells you, looking good and feeling good are always in vogue. This is great news if you are interested marketing and selling your own health-conscious ebooks or merchandise online. Consumers of all ages regularly purchase diet plans, health books and gym memberships to keep themselves fit. The diet and weight-loss industry was estimated to be worth more than $20 billion.

Healthy eating

This represents a huge opportunity for ecommerce vendors and social media entrepreneurs. If you know more than a little something-something about healthy cooking or working out at home, producing ebooks for online stores could prove lucrative for you.

Another opportunity lies in the fact that fitness and wellness look a little different each year. Research shows today’s consumers have shifted away from diet foods in favor of healthy eating habits and fresh foods. One reason for this could be eating is no longer influenced by name-brand diets like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Medifast or Slim Fast.

Today, most people are seeking advice from social media influencers who promote home cooking, holistic eating or specialty diets like paleo, veganism or keto.

Welcome to the Squat Party!

Want that perfect booty? Then you have got to put time into your squats! Instagram celebrities like @mytrainercarmen or @massyarias provide workout and dietary advice to hundreds of thousands of followers every day for free, while also promoting their personal programs, apps and guides.

How have they grown such large followings? They connect with their audiences in a casual, fun and personal way by recording their workout routines and offering something their followers want to watch.

Your ecommerce brand can do the same. Start by building a vibrant social media presence that engages followers. Once these users start to identify with you and your brand, they will be more likely to purchase your ebook or visit your online store.

Ecommerce platforms, like Shopify make it easy to publish or open your ebook for online stores without a lot of time or effort spent on deployment. These platforms ensure your ebook can be read on desktop computers or mobile devices from the get-go. This gives you more time to develop exercise routines, write recipes and manage your social media pages.

Pro Tips for Self-Marketing

While there are dozens of unique ways to market your health-focused ecommerce brand, here are a few of the most successful:

  • Email Marketing: Invite followers to subscribe to your weekly email service by promising exclusive recipes and exercise tips. In addition to providing you with another avenue for customer engagement, it will lead to conversions as you use the newsletter to promote your ebook or online store.

Email marketing

  • Coupon Code & Flash Sales: Some consumers might be reticent to drop big bucks on fitness information they can find online, but they might be open to well-timed deep discounts. For example, clever ecommerce vendors and fitness gurus might market their ebooks around the notoriously gluttonous winter holidays – “Do your body good this holiday season, give yourself the gift of better health today and enjoy a 50 percent off discount!”
  • Seasonal Social Media Challenges: Similarly, you could market your ebooks or merchandise through seasonal challenges like “Beach-Body Abs in 30 Days” or “New Year’s Cardio Challenge.” Web users love social media challenges.

There’s also plenty of room for experimentation. Just be sure to provide your followers, readers and customers with valuable advice. While marketing and selling your health conscious ebook. In exchange, they’ll reward you with sales.


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