How to Deal with Business Pests

Just like a home, businesses are prone to having “uninvited guests” on the premises. Ants, mice, roaches, termites, water bugs, spiders, and the like can wreak havoc on your establishment without a moment’s notice. As the presence of these pests grow, infestations begin which can lead to serious problems. Not only can it lead to a ruined reputation and the loss of good customers, but it could also result in health risks and law suits.

Rodents in the kitchen

Food Service Industry

Do you own a restaurant? If you do, you should know that pest control is required whether you’ve seen signs that there are insects or rodents present or not. To prevent insects and rodents from contaminating the food stored in the restaurant, regular extermination services should be scheduled. Neglecting the issue could quickly result in an infestation which can be seen by your customers. This could result in a ruined reputation, fines, and even having your business shut down until the problem is resolved.

Hospitality Services

Imagine if the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa didn’t get pest control in Las Vegas and you happened to see bed bugs crawling around the mattress? Patrons are paying top dollar in this industry to receive lodging, transportation, entertainment, etc. When they make these purchases, ordinarily, they’re not expecting to be inconvenienced by rodents. No matter how clean your hotel might be, all it takes is one sighting for the news to spread like wildfire and ruin your business.


Although you may not have to worry about customers finding infestations in your manufacturing plant, that doesn’t mean that you should overlook the importance of commercial pest control. The local and federal government have strict rules and regulations in place that all manufacturing plants must adhere to. Audits that result in the findings of pests could mean your subject to fines and your plant may need to be shut down temporarily. Not to mention should pests start getting transported from your plant to your distribution customers you could have a tarnished relationship that is difficult to recover from.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores especially need to pay close attention to the presence of insects and rodents on the premises. As insects and rodents carry a lot of bacteria and disease, it could easily get on the food transmitting illness and disease to your customers. This can lead to class-action suits, fines, and more. Not to mention, rodents can easily ruin merchandise which would need to be replaced resulting in a financial loss for the company.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry above all others probably has the strictest rules and regulations when it comes to pests on the premises. There are several types of pests and insects that can carry and transmit diseases to medical patients. If it is determined that a hospital or healthcare facility is not regularly scheduling commercial pest control the ramifications are a lot harsher than any other industry.

Hiring a Commercial Pest Control Company

No matter what industry you’re in, inadequate pest control can have serious ramifications. From a ruined reputation and lost business to fines and federal shut-downs, business owners have a lot to lose. To keep your business, customers, and/or patients safe you should hire a commercial pest control company you can trust. This includes checking references, licenses, insurance, rates, experience, and serviced offered to determine which is the best contractor for the job.

The truth is, no matter how clean and tidy you keep your commercial property, pests can still find their way in. The best way to ensure that your customers are safe is to have your premises thoroughly inspected and treated for potential infestations. In the long run, you prevent a lot of frustration and save your business a ton of money.


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