Superhero Workforce: Which Superhero are You at Your Company? (Infographic)

We all have those days at work where we wish things could run a bit more smoothly to avoid problems with productivity and efficiency. Oh, how much easier life would be if we were superheroes! Unfortunately, we aren’t blessed with powers, but we can rely on the latest tech to keep our working lives as efficient as possible.

Captain America

Warehouse management specialists PeopleVox have constructed an infographic to help us explore the idea of a superhero workforce. Is your job role mentioned? How much easier would life be if we had our very own Hulk instead of using a forklift?!

So, which superheroes are ideal for your company? A few examples of superheroes in realistic job roles include:

Nick Fury as Director: Nick Fury founded the avengers, proving that he isn’t afraid of risk and is willing to make difficult decisions that could make or break a team. Nick Fury is a born leader and would make a great director.

Hawkeye as Supervisor: Assisting Nick Fury would be Hawkeye, acting as supervisor and keeping a close eye on the businesses progression. Hawkeye always knows what’s going on around him, meaning nothing will get past him and cause problems for the company further down the line. Hawkeye will be a literal life saver!

Iron Man as Operations Director: The world-famous Iron Man would be the perfect fit for operations director, purely because he isn’t afraid to spend money in order to get things done. Iron Man holds a superior intellect which would help him to run the most efficient and successful business possible.

Rocket & Groot as Cherry Pickers: There isn’t a duo more iconic than Rocket & Groot. The height and strength of Groot combined with Rocket’s problem solving abilities mean that they will be able to handle any task given to them, no matter what skills are required. The mix of physical and mental abilities will be sure to keep the business as efficient as can be.

If you are a fan of superheroes, then this infographic is definitely one for you. Take a look to discover who you can relate to.

Superhero workforce infographic

Although this infographic is all fun and games, it can also help you to discover what type of personalities your business will need in order to run to it’s best potential and produce the results you have been dreaming of! Your employees are the backbone of your business and if you apply their skills to particular areas then your business will see many beneficial results.


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