Ammar Jali, Pittsburgh Entrepreneur, Explains Your Climb to Success Starts with Your Passion

Everyone dreams of something big in his life. If you talk to a child, they often envision themselves with what they would like to be when they grow up. Whether it be a fireman, a doctor, or a policeman, these are all reflections of our earnest endeavors to be part of something greater in life and contribute to everyone’s happiness and contentment including our own. Although sometimes, life leads us to a road we do not see ourselves trekking. This is what Ammar Jali’s road to success manifest.

Ammar Jali, Pittsburgh entrepreneur

photo credit: Plurk

The early days

Ammar started his employment as a driver for food chain Domino’s Pizza while studying in New York Institute of Technology. He graduated with flying colors as an Electrical Engineer and started working as a Fiber Optics Engineer in one of the big companies in New York. His work there didn’t last though because his passion for delivering and drive to succeed would take him to a questionable path which even his parents would find illogical.

Six months after relieving his engineering post, he started working as an Assistant Manager for the very first company he started working for, Domino’s Pizza. To think that he has been a successful engineer even working with conglomerates like Disney, this was an absurd proposition. But Ammar knew where his passion lies and started working his way to the top.

Expanding the influence

Now Ammar is expanding his franchise in the state of Pennsylvania and Ohio. His attitude towards looking back to where he started shows that having a passion towards what you think makes you happy proves to be an ingredient of success.

Ammar Jali is also a great motivator and mentor for other entrepreneurs who are starting out who works to make every member of his team make the best of their service. His mantra of treating customer service as an attitude and not just a department makes sense in an industry who aims to please customers to stay ahead.

His dedication towards achieving personal and professional contentment encompasses what others believe as the standard ladder towards success. His fast food chain also contributes to society by becoming involved in different civic organizations and their causes. Ammar’s owned Domino’s Pizza in Pittsburgh recently partnered with The Darrin Walls Foundation holding a Free Football Camp in The Neighborhood Academy.


The path towards personal and professional success is not just how society dictates. Digging deep into what we feel and where we think we would succeed creates a bigger part of staying motivated to reach the pinnacles of success.


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