Ximble Review: Fast and Simple Employee Scheduling Software

Managing your employee schedule is one of the important tasks that you may need to handle. It involves a lot of responsibilities to handle. Rescheduling, vacations, and assignments are some of the major tasks you need to take care of. Almost all organizations invest a lot in these operations.

How about a software that can make these tasks simpler and faster?

Ximble screenshot

Ximble Employee Scheduling Software is one of the able software tools that are capable of doing it.

Ximble – An Overview

As you have understood it already, Ximble is an Employee Scheduling App that can be used for employee scheduling and time tracking. The tool is an economical option when it comes to handling the tasks in such a way that it saves you money and efforts.

What makes it an excellent alternative to other traditional methods of employee scheduling is its cost-saving nature. In fact, the software has its beginnings in a real-life scenario faced by the founder Peter Swaniker’s sister. This inspired the founder to develop a simple and cost-saving solution for employee scheduling tool and the result was an able tool in the form of Ximble Employee Schedule Software.


What are The Features That Would make it A Good Choice?

It would be apt to go through the features that the tool has on offer if you want to understand the software in a finer detail. That is precisely we have listed the features here for you.

The Excellent Design

Thedesign of the software is one of its biggest strength. The tool has a clear look and interface. There are options for checking daily, weekly and monthly schedules quite easily. You can even customize it to meet the business processes of your organization.

Easier Time Tracking

Timesheets could not have been any easier than on Ximble. No more confusion with Excel sheets and other data. Ximble lets you get an overview of the complete time tracking of your staff at a glance. That should be a great way to improve your employee attendance.

Mobile Integration

Ximble has its own mobile applications for Android and iOS operating systems. You should be able to create, manage and alter the employee schedules on the move. A streamlined on the move experience of scheduling your employee schedule is what makes it even more interesting and rewarding.

Complete Integration with other Apps

Ximble integrates well with the other apps you have been using so far. QuickBooks, EPSON, Xero, and other third-party applications gel well with Ximble Employee Scheduling Tool with ease. No need to use multiple tools for different requirements. Just use one application and integrate it with Ximble.

Ximble dashboard

A Few Flowers and Brickbats

By that, we mean the pros and cons of the tool. As with every other software tool, Ximble Employee Scheduling Software too comes with its own set of positive and negative points. It would be a good idea to look int a few of them.


  • The tool is cost saving and helps you save on the efforts as well.
  • The simple interface is one of its strengths.
  • Affordable pricing of just $ 1 per user per month.
  • Easy to use drag and drop features.


  • There are no inbuilt templates. It may make the tool a little less useful compared to high-end tools.
  • Customisation is not exactly of a high standard.
  • The tool is not completely automatic.

The Final Thoughts

Ximble is indeed a great option for your requirements in employee scheduling. What makes it a good option is the fact that it comes with almost all the features that a normal business will need. The excellent customer care that works across different channels like phone, Email, and live chat helps you get your concerns – if any – resolved within a shorter span of time.

Needless to say, Nimble Technologies has taken a great initiative in simplifying the tasks involved in the employee scheduling through an able app and software in the form of Ximble Employee Scheduler. If you are not sure yet, you can opt for a 30 day trial period and get a feel of the tool. If you are satisfied, you can get in touch and opt for the tool. If you have already used the app, do not forget to share your views and opinions with us.


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