Target The Competition With Better Sales Leads: Here are 4 Must-Dos

When you’re a small or medium-sized business, the competition can seem daunting. They have millions to spend on advertising campaigns and massive sales teams that can reach out to generate more B2B sales leads than you could possibly imagine.

Small business wins sales leads

Don’t be cowed by big business – as an SMB, you may have advantages you haven’t thought of that can help you beat the big companies to the punch, or win over their existing clients. Their clients could be a prime target for your lead campaigns if you develop an effective strategy for winning them over.

Below are the core concepts your lead generation campaign must include to win over new customers.

#1. Solve Core Issues

Running an SMB, you breathe your business, and that puts you in a better position to understand what your market wants. You know what issues your clients struggle with and the solutions they want to see.

Stay simple and focus on solving those core issues more effectively than your competitors. Don’t let your solution get watered down by extras and features that your bigger competitors can do better. Demand generation companies that do their research and constantly talk to your target customers can identify pain points your competitors don’t address.

#2. Focus Your Message

Make yourself unique and focus your message on what sets you apart. If you’re competing with bigger companies, you have to find the thing that makes you special. In your value proposition, focus on why your solution or product is a better fit for companies in your niche market. Target your competitors’ main weaknesses to convince companies to switch to you.

#3. Stay Flexible

Flexibility is your strength against big companies; just think about the process they have to go through to introduce a new service or product, or initiate a new ad campaign. How many levels of management approval does each idea go through, only to be rejected by legal?

Adapt your message as the scenario changes and always find a way to differentiate yourself.

#4. Hire a Demand Generation Company

Your in-house sales team doesn’t have the resources to compete with big companies, and they can get stretched thin balancing lead campaigns with converting those leads into customers. Hiring a demand generation company to handle your lead campaign gives your sales team room to focus on turning leads into sales.

What does a demand generation company do that you can’t do yourself? A focus on new customer acquisition with a company like 360 Leads gives you more reach than you could ever accomplish on your own. Not only will your campaign reach more people, you can precision target desirable customers, talking to the people most likely to start a conversation with your company.

A demand generation company like 360 Leads qualifies the lead, warms the up and schedules an appointment with your sales team, but keeps outreach going through different campaigns.

Small business vs. big business

Demand generation companies are also always conducting research for their clients, learning what points sell and what makes a potential customer open to switching their business. For example, demand generation company 360 Leads can find out which of your competitors are most likely to be dropped by their clients. These are the weak spots where a simple message and a great offer can grow your business.


Just because you’re small or medium-sized, doesn’t mean you can’t compete with bigger players. You have to be smarter, more flexible, and maximize your B2B leads.


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