How to Choose a Trusted Importer of Record

When you’re a technology reseller shipping sensitive equipment overseas, the receiving country will most likely require you to partner with an Importer of Record. Without a local, tax-paying customer on the other side of the transaction taking responsibility for the goods, a trusted importer gives authorities the peace of mind that the goods are safe. As well, it keeps their backs covered in case something should go awry.

Importer of record

Receiving clearance for your package however is only one aspect of what some competent global distributions services can do for you. The strongest companies will alleviate many of the major pain point associated with the importing and exporting process, save you money, save you energy, and ensure your goods arrive where they’re supposed to in a timely fashion.

TecEx is one global importer recognized for their hands-on service. Firstly, they can provide a quote for you within 30 seconds including a duty and tax estimate. Also, the company only charges the landed-cost regardless of any changes that are made to the receiving county’s legislature after the quote is agreed to by the client. Then, upon its acceptance, the company immediately begins the customs pre-approval process which only takes between 1-3 days.

Reliable IOR services from TecEx provide the necessary customs support documentation for the client including a commercial invoice and freight delivery waybill; they also apply for all compulsory permits and certifications. This can be very helpful to the reseller as it ensures the paperwork presented at the border is accurate, which is challenging to do without the help of an expert versed in the foreign country’s regulations and requirements.

Additionally, this Importer of Record carries this knowledge for the 136 countries it works in regularly and can even retrieve value-added tax from the 40 countries that make this type of refund available, saving clients money depending on where they’re shipping to. It obtains these funds within 6 months after the shipment is awarded clearance, which itself only takes 3-7 days – allowing resellers to give a precise estimated time of arrival to their own clients overseas.

What’s more is the company’s own on-the-ground team liaises with the reseller’s forwarder or freight service to see the goods are not lost post-clearance. They can even provide their own courier services should their clients benefit from them. Clients can also make requests of the on-the-ground team using an online portal where they may track their shipment in real time and connect with their client services executive at any time during the process.

To conclude, a strong importer will offer more than clearance, but also a comprehensive set of services that enable resellers to focus on their own revenue building initiatives rather than becoming preoccupied with an importing process they’re unfamiliar with. Even when those versed in logistics take this process into their own hands, it can create costly delays due to lack of experience.

Partnering with an educated global distributions entity however will provide resellers assurance that their expensive assets will arrive where and when they’re supposed to.


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