Most Affordable Ways of Importing Freight from China

Whether you import clothing, books, gym equipment, medical goods, finished appliances or sub-assemblies, the likelihood is that your firm will at least have looked into the Chinese market for such items. The fact is that China is able to produce goods in many commodity classes to a high standard at a relatively low cost.

Importing freight from China

However, something that puts many British importing firms off the Far East is that it will take a great deal of time and effort to get their orders out of the country and into the UK. This shouldn’t be the case though because it is possible to import freight from China to the UK cost-effectively.…

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How to Choose a Trusted Importer of Record

When you’re a technology reseller shipping sensitive equipment overseas, the receiving country will most likely require you to partner with an Importer of Record. Without a local, tax-paying customer on the other side of the transaction taking responsibility for the goods, a trusted importer gives authorities the peace of mind that the goods are safe. As well, it keeps their backs covered in case something should go awry.

Importer of record

Receiving clearance for your package however is only one aspect of what some competent global distributions services can do for you. The strongest companies will alleviate many of the major pain point associated with the importing and exporting process, save you money, save you energy, and ensure your goods arrive where they’re supposed to in a timely fashion.…

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